Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Scarlet knickers…

There is this theory, I read it somewhere, that the colour of knickers is an indicator of how you feel and that the correct colour undies can change the course of your day. The best colour knickers to wear are yellow. It's supposed to be a happy colour. How did they ascertain these facts? Who knows but I daresay over a couple of drinks all sorts of theories can be discovered.

1: Red will give you a boost of energy whilst stimulating your immune system. Red can activate your appetite - beware. It evokes action and passion and a perfect color if you tend to be a procrastinator.
2: Orange will allow you to digest your emotions without holding onto stuff and encourage emotional balance and optimism. It is warm hearted and offers a sense of community whilst offering a feeling of tolerance. Perfect color for social gatherings.
3: Blue is tranquil and peaceful. It has been proven to reduce pain levels. It aids in acquiring inner peace and supports creativity. Blue is associated with the right hand side of the brain.
4: Green refreshes, encourages growth, is balancing and healing. It is nurturing and associated with the heart. Green promotes prosperity and well being. Green of course is a combination of blue and yellow.
5: Yellow lifts your spirits and offers you a positive feeling. It evokes confidence and joy. It is connected to your mental thinking and improves attention to detail and academic achievement. It improves concentration and clarity of thought.
6: Purple is known to heighten your intuition. It is similar to blue in that it offers comfort and calm. A great color for meditation.

I wore scarlet knickers today – yes, I know, too much information. Was I more passionate and active? No, not really but I did find three missing combs (I’m always losing combs because I’m messy) I had been looking for. So, one could say scarlet knickers help you find what is lost. Just a thought if you are trying to find something. Scarlet knickers will help. Well - it’s as good as any other theory…
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Anny Cook said...

So that's why purple is my color, huh?

Sandra Cox said...

Wait, wait, this isn't fair. What about pink?