Saturday, 15 August 2009

It is written Amarinda…

** I’m here today rabbiting on as I do - and there's a contest...

So, I’ve ruined someone’s life. No really, I didn’t take up Penelope – aka – the Cosmic Goddess's amazing online wisdom about my life. She spent hours, she told me, researching my “free” reading and in the blink of an eye I disregarded her sage advice and her special $29.99 offer to know more about the true meaning of my life. Well jeez. I worked out that meaning for free years ago. The meaning of life is to move on and endure no matter what crapacious thing smacks you in the head.

Anyway the Goddess is pissed – but not completely so because for the last month she has been sending me daily ’last chance’ emails to come to my senses and realize that only she “could lead the way.” I think that’s kind of nice she cares so much about a complete stranger who happens to own a credit card. How did I hook up with this person? Well, a while ago, best friend Ethel and I discovered her when we were wasting time…er…I mean being productive at work. We liked her a lot as she would send these free reading emails with all these ‘stunning’ and ‘life changing’ predictions. We would compare predictions like “when you drive home from work tonight you will pass the love of your life standing at a bus stop. If he looks immediately at you, you will know great happiness. If he doesn’t notice you, as you speed by, then happiness will be lost.” Riiiight. Or “the man with the pierced navel and the yellow cat may look confused but in fact he is leading the way to your spiritual happiness.” Uh huh. Or “Speak silently, yet make your heart loud for on the 15th great wisdom will be delivered to you in the form of an egg.” I was always bummed that none of this happened.

Yeah, I know this Goddess chick is about as clairvoyant as an orange but like most crazy people she is interesting and free entertainment. So what the hell… and the egg could’ve just been delayed in the mail.
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