Thursday, 27 August 2009

It just depends I guess...

I was chatting, via email, to two work colleagues in another office. It was 3pm and we all left at 4pm and everyone knows working an hour before knock off can give you a headache or an arm cramp or something really annoying that would slow you up getting out the door. So, I was chatting to them about the latest Queensland Firefighter Calendar 2010 that I am going to buy…for charitable reasons of course. Anyway the talk went from half naked men to men in general and how dumb some of them are and that to marry an old, rich bloke was a good idea as you’d have less to put up with. I didn’t agree with that because if you are marrying purely for money – young or old - you would want a contract of what you will and will not do for those dollars. Marrying for money, without any practical thought, would be a minefield.

Yes, I know, I write romance books but I am fully aware that there are people who marry intentionally for big bucks and that’s their choice. Me? No. I don’t see the point of marriage rich or poor. It’s so final. Yes, I have commitment issues. But, in saying that, I have enough business sense to know any arrangement that is built on a foundation of want and need and particularly no love requires legal tying up. So, we chatted about what we would and wouldn’t have in a marriage contract with said rich, old man. How often, if at all sex would be required, monthly allowance, what real estate property automatically became ours on tying the knot, how often we would have to actually talk to them, no cooking or cleaning etc. Yes, I know it’s not romantic but it’s quite interesting hearing what others would, in a business sense, require of such a marriage. Sex is clearly not a requirement. Poor rich guy.

There are women out there who would love to be in love. They deserve to be in love and to find the one. I wish that for them. Others though have dreams of wealth and the easy life and I can’t fault that. It’s hard, practical and in many ways sensible. Love is great. Money is great. I say do what you have to in order to be happy…but whichever it is get it in writing. No, it’s not romantic but neither is divorce and you have to look after your own arse.

One of my all time fave Marilyn moments… I must admit I like diamonds…
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Sandra Cox said...

Good point, if you are going after the bucks, better have everything in writing.