Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Whip me...

..and I’ll smack you in the chops. No seriously – if a man tied me up and did things to me, I swear to god the minute I was loose he’d be a dead man. And dominate me? Forget it. It ain’t gonna happen.

What am I rambling about? After I finished my gym training session with Hugh, I was talking to a friend on my mobile (cell phone) as I staggered to Patrick, my car, all hot, sweaty and red faced. She indicated that training was like a BDSM session with Hugh making me do impossible, hard, hot things that made me ache and sweat and moan…hmmm…this led us on to a discussion on the whole BDSM thing. While I respect some people are into the whole bondage-you-will-do-as-I-say-and-pain-is-pleasure thing – I don’t understand it. No, I don’t believe I’m a prude but I doubt – actually I know – I do not have a submissive bone in my body so BDSM strikes me as odd. Odd is not bad…generally I like odd… but this? Seriously?

Do you think allowing yourself to submit to the pain/pleasure thing is a strength? Or is it more of a need to be wanted and a chance to permit yourself to be out of control? Is it about trusting someone? Is it a power trip for the dominator? Or is it something they need to do to feel strong? Is showing weakness a good thing? Is it sexually titillating or sexually abusive? While is all seems rather tiring to me, it interests me why people do it and read it. I have never tried to write it. Oh sure, occasionally an Amarinda heroine gets herself tied up but on the whole I personally suck at being submissive so I can hardly write something I can’t do. But if you have the answers – let me know…and no, the Hugh thing is all about fitness and I call him a lot of bad names when he is training me so I’m still in control baby. That’s how I like it.

Lickety Split is released today at Ellora's Cave. It's part of the "Creamy" range of specialty books released by EC. Essentially it's about ice cream - how it brings people together and all the lovely, yummy things you can do with it.

The blurb...

What do sex and ice cream have in common? Waverly Astor is about to learn the hard way when she finds herself trapped in a freezer with the hottest hunk she has ever seen. Can lust compete with her true love of ice cream? Is having sex with the hard-bodied god a good idea when they have nothing but hot bodies in common?

Tor Arnett is more than happy to heat up Waverley’s life. She is sex on a stick and he wants to lick every part of her delicious body. The lady is most definitely willing. He has two things on his to-do list—catching a thief and sex with a beautiful woman. Not necessarily in that order.
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