Friday, 14 August 2009

Ah, officialdom…

I did the wildly exhilarating grocery shopping thing today. Yes, I know I don’t have to tell you how stimulating that is. Anyway, it was so exciting that I left behind two bags of groceries. Well, I tend to zone out when I do the hunter-gatherer thing. ‘Didn’t leave the alcohol behind…hmmm…anyway I rang the store to see if they were still there on the check-out. The response? “Maybe.”

Manager – what register did put your groceries through?
Amarinda – I don’t know they all look the same. It had a person serving and a light on with a conveyor belt thingy.
M – Do you have your receipt? What number is on the receipt?
A – I can’t see a number
M – Was it a man or a woman that served you?
A – A woman
M – What was on her name badge?
A – If I could remember that then we wouldn’t be doing this. Do you have my two grocery bags or not?
M – Maybe – what was in them?
A – Soda water (I drink it by the gallon)
M – Describe the bottles
A – Are you serious?
M – Yes, I need to know they’re yours
A – So you have them
M – Describe them please
A – Four bottles – 2.5 litres each – generic brand – white and red labels – not sure where they are made or exact contents other than carbonated water. Is that enough?
M – We have them
A – Great I’ll pick them up
M – I’ll need you full name and address
A – For $5.00 worth of soda?
M – We have to make sure we give them to the right person.

I have to wonder how many random people go up to the manager’s counter at a supermarket and query if any bags of soda water are left there and if so say they are the rightful owners? Is soda water the new gold? Give someone a title on their badge and they become a tinpot god of officialdom. Imagine if they got into public office. Oh wait, most of them have…
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Anny Cook said...

Oh, yeah. And I think I've met most of them!

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