Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday thoughts...

- I only know one man who can multitask
- It takes forever to get to 5pm
- I always buy the size too big and then have to return it for 2 sizes smaller
- Radishes give my the itches
- Wayne & Cheryl, my budgies have a new plastic toy to beat up instead of a mirror.
- Did I mention the multi-task thing?
- Two glasses of wine after 4 weeks of not drinking wine is beaut
- Don’t sleep in a subway…unless it’s a Subway restaurant then you can have breakfast there the next morning
- There is no such thing as luck
- People – except you and I - are strange
- I need to cut my toenails.
- Possibly I could be a better person…oh, fuck that. I like me a lot.
- I’m addicted to the rowing machine at the gym…and it’s not even fattening. Go figure
- I must buy a turtle as a pet
- And, above all, to thine own self be fair dinkum (true)


Sandra Cox said...

Sounds like the budgies like their new toy.
I like the sleeping in a subway restaurant.