Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Why so expensive?

I don’t understand why e-book publishers are charging the public so damn much for an e-book. Since working on Scarlet Harlot Publishing I’ve noticed this –

- Covers… yep, there are some mighty fancy ones around but look at the actual image. It probably cost no more then $2…more likely 75 cents.

- Editors…can be very competitive on rates if they know they’re going to get steady work.
- Formatting – yes, it’s a complete embuggerance at times but you do it once, in many versions, for each book and then you sell that version. There’s no paper or transport costs. There’s no need to pay to get the book on a prominent shelf. One pdf can be sent out infinitesimal times.

If you split those costs over hundreds of sales for one book, they’re nothing. So why are e-books so expensive? Greed…and it’s not always good. Look at the word length before you buy and judge if it's worth it and use your power to exercise your consumer rights before you buy. I tend to believe people buy at a higher point out of no choice. Demand choice and competition. It’s your hard earned dollars after all. E-book publishers need you to buy from them. You have the power.


Sandra Cox said...

I agree, I'd like to see e books stay in a standard range with $7 tops.