Thursday, 29 September 2011

I blame the orange highlighter….

So, in my office manager gig, I wear a white work shirt and black pants. I look like a weird arsed penguin. Only inappropriate office jewellery and Doc Martens make it better. On the whole, I don’t like wearing white. Why? I’m a messy bugger and today was no different. It all started with an orange highlighter. As a rule I don’t use orange highlighters. I like pink highlighters and if pink is not available I will go yellow or if extremely pushed blue. I never use orange and I make no apologies for it. Anyway, I had to use orange today as my other highlighter pens had gone walkabout...but that’s another story.

So, armed with an unfamiliar orange highlighter I began working, and I dropped it, on my white shirt leaving a lovely trail of fluorescent orange down the front and from then on that white shirt took hit after hit – coffee, tomato, peppermint tea, lipstick on the collar – damned if I know how I managed that - soap from when the soap dispenser broke as I tried to fix it and then a large water stain as I tried to get rid of the soap and then dirt from the box of freight that arrived and rubbed against my damp shirt. As I signed for the freight the delivery guy looked at my shirt and said to me ‘Hard day, love?’ My response. ‘It’d make you cry if I told you.’


Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Oh girl. Don't I know how you feel...
My entire week's been like this.