Monday, 26 September 2011

Kissing dummies…

So I did my first aid certificate today. Work paid so I turned up – but, in saying that, knowing first aid and how to respond in an emergency is vital. Do you know how many people don’t want to help anyone in a medical emergency? A lot apparently. They don’t want to administer aid due to germs or they ‘don’t want to get involved.’ My view on that? Those people suck. Yep, opinions are free on this blog.

What intrigues me when you attend these courses is there is always an ‘expert’ there - and it’s not the trainer – who wants to tell every story about every first aid experience they supposedly ever had or dreamt of and basically bore the socks of people. Why? Where do these people come from and when are they going back? No one gives a toss you once bandaged your cat’s big toe in the middle of a blackout while trying not to knock over a cup of tea and a plate of jam drops. Shut up and sit down I say.

First aid. Need it. Administer it. Learn it. Your life may depend on it.