Saturday, 17 September 2011


Tonight I’m in for some real excitement. Hot date? Sexy man? The world’s supply of chocolate? Dancing until dawn? Nope. I’m sorting out my tax. It’s in a big pile of receipts on the lounge room floor awaiting me to sort it out. A smart person would have filed the receipts alphabetically and in order of tax thing-a-bility but there we are. I didn’t. I ain’t.

Why the picture of the knife throwing act? No, I won’t be wearing that outfit – though if I was going to have knives thrown at me I would probably wear it as it would distract the knife throwers aim or make him laugh so much he’d want to pee and I could then wander off and find a shirt. Life…it’s all about watching out for knives and doing taxes.


Sandra Cox said...

I organize my taxes the same way. Dump them in an envelope then sort at the end of the year.