Wednesday, 28 September 2011


So, I walked in on a bloke at work taking his shirt off. He was embarrassed. Me? It’s just a chest. Last time I checked most men had them. He apologised. I said ‘what for?’ Later I realized that was probably the wrong thing to say as it may have indicated I found him less than impressive. The thing is I like naked men at the right time and place and to be awe inspired and turned on? Well, only a few truly do that to me. But I did find it interesting that he was embarrassed. Why? Well, you would have thought in this day and age where people have seen, done and eaten it all, naked flesh is nothing special. But, it did indicate to me that a lot of men have manners and do and say the right thing and that’s nice to be reassured that not all men are yobbos. To the gentlemen out there – I still like doors held open and manners displayed – thank you.