Sunday, 4 September 2011

So, I’ve been driving myself…

…absolutely mad which, of course, is a short journey, over formatting some Ellora’s Cave books which I have taken back from EC for various reasons to do with EC suckability and my discontent with their suckability. Anyhow, I have been changing the books – due to EC’s rigid ideas on sex, babies and terminology – and putting them back into Amarinda speech. That’s easy. The hard bit is formatting them into pubs and fubs and lits and rb and LMNOP’s…okay, I made the last one up. Yesterday, I finally worked it all out. The penny or should I say a purse full of coins crashed onto my head and I had an epiphany and a headache. So, hard work, swearing and pulling hair our does work.


Sandra Cox said...

I'll have to remember the hard work and swearing. At this stage of the game can't afford to pull any hair out.