Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Perils of Paula...out now...

Paula Prince is destined to become a hero. But evil lurks in the shadows. There are those who seek to destroy her before she can fulfill her destiny. However four noble men will not let that happen. Their job is to protect and serve those like Paula.

But what of love? That’s the last thing Paula expects. Her life is a mess. Is she falling in love with the protection her boys offer? Can the love of the dark vampire make her accept true love can come at any time?

Be Warned: multiple partners, anal sex.


Paula rolled over, her thigh rubbed against one man, her hands reached out for another. She smiled. “I’m naked and in bed with two men. Can life get any better?” Her fingers strayed down to one cock as her ass pushed against the other. “Anything this good has to be wrong somehow.” She hadn’t felt this happy or desirable in ages.
“How can it be when it feels so right?” One of the men asked, his lips fastening on her breast.
The suction on her nipple was amazing. Paula sighed and closed her eyes as the fingers of her other lover slide into the crack of her ass. Paula shivered slightly as one digit probed her anus. She was exhausted from being plowed by cock. But it was a good exhausted. A happy tiredness that had Paula feeling more alive than she had in ages.
“My turn.”
Paula held her breath and looked at the dark haired man who entered the bedroom. He was gorgeous, as they all were. But this man? There was something more to him. Every time Paula saw him her heart skipped a beat. It was madness of course.
It’s not like we could ever be more than just lovers and yet...
Paula shook her head. There was no place for ‘yets’ in her life. This was what it was. He had made no mention of love or forever so wanting such was pure whimsy on her part. This was pure sex with gorgeous men and wishing it was more was pointless. That she was in bed with two lovers and a third wanted to join in should be taken as just that. While other women might not have understood it, being with multiple lovers made Paula feel good about herself and them. So
why ruin it with crazy wishes?
“This is not the time to think, sweetheart. I need to fuck you and I know you need me.”
Paula smiled at the frankness of his need. To give in to desire and not worry about what others thought gave Paula a sense of relief. She could be who she wanted to be without others questioning. Paula saw the look of lust in the eyes of the dark man. She felt the same way. Desperately. As for the other men? They were lovely, desirable, and fun to be with. But the dark haired man? He was different. Paula felt a hunger for him she never dreamed she would feel for another. I know I’ll starve when I walk away from him. And she would have to. Paula knew that.
This is not my life.
That she was under the command of these men was thrilling. They were aiding and protecting her, and no one had done that in a long time. It was nice to rely on another’s strength. But one day that protection would no longer be needed, and then what? She pushed at the head of the man at her breast and decided to ignore worrisome thoughts and enjoy the moment. “Sorry, boys. You heard the man.” I need to be with him for however long this lasts.
He reached out his hand to her. To not take it wasn’t something Paula would have considered. He extracted her from between the other two men and started to lead Paula to another room.
A fourth man appeared, tugging on his dick. “What about me?”
“The lady is mine for now. Come back and join us later.”
The blond haired man nodded and left.
I could so easily be yours forever. Paula followed her dark lover. They came to a halt in the cool, white bedroom. He kicked the door shut, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her. Paula collapsed against him. It was the sort of kiss that made her feel like all the bones in her body had turned to jelly and she needed his support, his touch, to keep her strong.
“Sweetheart?” His lips left hers and his tongue trailed down to her jaw line.
“Yes?” Paula knew what he was about to do. She craved the need for the hot, raw heat to surge within her once more.
“You know, this doesn’t solve our problem.” His teeth grazed the skin of her neck.
Paula shivered and held him closer. “No, but as a diversion, it’s fantastic.”
He laughed and slapped her ass. “Yes, but I need to protect you from the shadows. I need you to be safe.
“I only care that you want me.” Her eyes locked with his. Paula knew in her heart this wasn’t a one-sided attraction.
“Oh, I do.” His voice was soft and full of need. “I can’t believe after all this time I’ve found you.”
“But the other boys—”
“They give you pleasure and I could never deny you that.”
I love him. It would have been crazy to say the words out loud, but she knew in her heart it was true. How long they would be together was unknown. All Paula could do was live for the moment. “Let me give you pleasure.” She tilted her head so her neck was fully exposed to his mouth. “Please.” For however long this lasted, Paula wanted to please her lover.
His mouth descended on the thin, pale skin just above her jugular vein and kissed it in a slow, sucking motion.
Paula closed her eyes and held on for what she knew would come next. As his fangs pierced her skin, she cried out but not in fear. It was a cry of satisfaction that her lover could find what he needed in her. “Oh, darling…”