Thursday, 28 June 2012

Never Ever...out now...

The Blurb...

As far as Margaret is concerned, Daniel’s the last man she wants.  He’s pushy, opinionated and impossible to deal with. In fact, he’s exactly like her. That’s why she’s never ever going to get involved with him. It would be madness. 

Daniel’s not about to be put off by attitude. He’s more than happy to challenge Margaret and her preconceptions about what she thinks men want from women. Like forces do attract and it’s time for Margaret to open her eyes to the possibilities.

The Excerpt...

“I think not.” Daniel’s gaze never left hers. “Take your clothes off, Maggie.”
She licked her lips, savoring the taste of the man. “I don’t want to.” If a kiss had completely undone her, god knows what sex would do. 
“Why not?” His hands slid down to her ass.
Oh yeah. That felt good.  Margaret could feel the thrust of cock fighting the denim of his jeans. “Because, er,— just because.” This man didn’t need to know her feelings. That would cut too close to the bone.
“So you haven’t got the perfect body.” Daniel shrugged. “I know that.”
“Wow you’re quite the smooth talker.” And yet Margaret liked that. This man wasn’t into pretense to get what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her. It was up to her whether she let him.
“Shut up and strip.” Daniel let go of her and started to take his clothes off.
Margaret’s eyes were wide with shock. Him. Naked. “Don’t do that.”
His shirt hit the floor. “Why not?” Daniel asked as he kicked off his boots.
“It’ll make it too real?” His hand pulled at the zipper of his jeans.
Her eyes were fixed on his hand. Margaret wanted him to stop yet she wanted to see. It had been so long since she had seen a man’s dick. “There’s nothing real between us. This is just a challenge for you.” She gulped at the pink swollen head that pointed in her direction. The need to reach forward and lick it slammed into her mind.    
“I dare you to get naked and prove to me you have some guts and are not some wishy-washy woman with hang ups.” His jeans hit the floor.
Call me wishy-washy? That was not something that Margaret would allow. “You’re a complete bastard.” She yanked off her Taipans shirt and threw it in his face. 
The smell of her perfume made Daniel’s cock jump. The sight of her lace covered breasts had him flinging the shirt away from him so his hands were free to touch. When her bra smacked him in the face, he was momentarily blinded by lace. He pushed it away, his eyes taking in the full, pink tipped breasts that bounced as she angrily yanked down her jeans. As she stumbled, her feet caught in the material, Daniel couldn’t remember a more exciting woman. “You should have taken your sandals off first.”
“Shut up!” She bent down and unbuckled them.   
The sway of her breasts had him mesmerized. Daniel wanted to suck them until she begged him to fuck her.
Once fully naked, Margaret stood before him, hands on her hips in defiance. “There. Done. Happy?”
Daniel wanted to smile and pull her into his arms and make her feel safe and happy but Margaret was a hard case. They had to be treated differently as they expected no pity and needed to be an equal.
“You have a fat ass.” He knew that’s what she expected to hear.
“Get stuffed.”
“Oh, I will be stuffing you with dick very soon.” Daniel was barely holding on. Some women drove a man mad with lust and any illusions of control were shot. Margaret was one of them. 
She tilted her head and looked at the dick in question. “It’s pretty small. I doubt I’ll feel it.”  
“Well, you have huge boobs. I like small ones,” Daniel retorted. It was a lie. He couldn’t wait to touch them. 
“You’re skinny.” Margaret crossed her arms over her chest.
Don’t do that. I want to see. “You’re chunky.”
“Can you turn around? I want to see how far that stick is up your ass.”
She said it so politely that he wanted to laugh. This was fun. Maggie was fun. “You’re a bitch.”
Margaret smiled “Why, thank you.”
“It wasn’t a compliment, Maggie.”
She snorted. “Like I’d expect one from you.”
Daniel crooked his finger at her. “Come here.”
“No, you come to me.”