Sunday, 10 June 2012

Walk of Shame...

So, I was chatting to a friend on email about the walk of shame. What is that? Well, for a woman it’s when you have sex with a man and you then go home very late at night or the next day by yourself having re-dressed in the same clothes you started the day with. There are more interpretations but that is essentially what it is. It’s also an indication of liberation and freedom that women can have sex and find their way home very nicely by themselves, feeling shagged yet good. Have I done it? Yes, but I felt no shame in it. I do what I do because I can. Hence the reason why we were talking about it on email. The writer, who I was chatting to, asked me ‘can I put that the heroine did the walk of shame? How will other women react to that? Will she come across as a slut?' My answers? Yes. Who knows. And slut is a subjective term.

Firstly, you can write about anything you like. It’s your story. Look at Fifty Shades of Gray. Did that writer think ‘oh gee, maybe I shouldn’t?’ To my mind if you have no guts, you shouldn’t be a writer. Not every will love what you write so don’t expect them to. As for how other women react to a woman having a ‘very nice time’ and going home? That will swing from remembering when to jealousy. The slut thing? See above. It’s subjective.    

Walk of shame? No shame in doing what you want. 


Gorilla Bananas said...

I hate it when humans are jealous of the pleasures of others. A lot of women are jealous of Tiana Lynn when the see video clips of her in action. Why not just relish her enjoyment as I do?