Saturday, 16 June 2012

In your face...

Today is Relay for Life day in Cairns. It’s an overnight baton relay for 18 hours between teams of people who have sought sponsorship money for the Cancer Council. Yes, we could just ask people for money and not walk and not spend a cold winter’s night in a tent waiting for the baton to be passed to us. That would be simple. Easy. The thing is cancer isn’t either of those things. It’s a shitty, horrible disease that robs us of people we love and friends we will never see again. It devastates families and tests the courage and endurance of those fighting for their lives. So, there are events like this that raise funds to fight it, which shoves the spotlight on it to remind people that cancer is a killer, to celebrate those who have fought it, those who have survived and those we have lost.   

No, correct. You don’t have to care or give money. That’s your choice. No, you don’t have to explain to me that you ‘don’t know anyone who has had cancer’ so it doesn’t concern you.  Your conscience is your own. All I ask is spend two minutes of your busy life thinking about what you would do if you or someone you love was confronted by cancer. Maybe then events like Relay for Life would be understandable for those who ask me why bother trying to 'pick up $5.00 here and there.' Am I shoving this in your face? Well Cancer’s in your face stuff. There’s no time to be subtle about it.