Friday, 29 June 2012

Just my opinion but what a load of…

…clap trap. While I do the indie author thing myself and I believe Indie books are just as good, if not better, than books published by the standard epublishing companies because we are less inclined to play with ourselves, I also believe that no one owes a writer a living. You have to fight and struggle to get ahead and images like this annoy me. Why? So it took you two years to write a book. So what? That doesn’t mean that it’s going to fly off the shelves due to the effort you put in and emotional clap trap like this picture indicates to me that a reality check is needed. Epublishing is a shitty, backbiting, hard business.  The hard facts are not everyone is going to buy your book. Many would actually prefer to buy a cup of coffee. If a reader does buy your book then be bloody happy and grateful. You had a win.   

As for equating your ebook with a cup of coffee poured by some poor bugger whose probably making only minimum wage working for a large blood sucking conglomerate who owns half the coffee in the world, don’t under estimate what each $3.50 can mean to the worker or the drinker. We each chose our own poison. For writers, it’s thoughts in head and arse on chair as keys are banged furiously as words spew forth as we look to make money from it. For the waitress who just wants to serve the coffee and get off her feet – well, if none of us were buying her coffee, she’d be out of a job. For the poor sod that’s had a shit of a morning and the only thing holding them together is knowing they can buy a coffee – you think they’re going swap that for a book? Get frigging real.      

Everything is relative. Emotional claptrap? Save it for your writing and leave people to make their own choices without that corny angst of comparing chalk and cheese. 

But then, that’s just my own sweet, shy opinion…