Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Some days are diamonds...

I found out today that not only do we have the traditional day off in June to celebrate Queen Lizzie’s birthday – which is actually in April but June suits us better for days off – but we also have the same day off in October. Fan-bloody-tastic! Why do we have the extra day off? Well, in Queensland we’re a little bit different – call it unique if you will – and we don’t do everything like the rest of Australia because we don’t want to. Anyway they were going to move the old duck’s birthday thing – no, I’m not a Royalist. I subscribe to my Highland Scot grandfather's decree of ‘when she sings god save Bill, then I may sing god save her’. Indeed.…where was I? Oh yeah, so the plan was to space the holidays and change her birthday-which-is-not-her-birthday in October as there are a lot of public hols at the start of the year. Because of this change and the fact that they announced it late and we all made lots of plans for June 2012 they decided to give us the day off in October as well. See? It’s great being an Aussie.   


anny cook said...

Makes perfect sense to me!