Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Poor Pete...

So, I’m deciding whether to be a grown up and buy a sedate, matching outdoor dining setting for the patio with the pieces that match each other or follow my natural instinct to have nothing matching and all colours clashing and completely wrong looking together like I have now. I should be a grown up about it. Grown-ups match stuff - added to that I’m 48 for Pete’s sake…don’t you often wonder who Pete is?  Does Pete get sick of people using his name in vain? Is it like God who must wonder about all the people who call his name as they suddenly find religion on top or under or behind someone? Poor God. Poor Pete…I wonder why no one screams out Pete’s name? Oh Pete!!!!!! Probably not the same unless the person is being shagged by someone called Peter then that would make sense.  I think I’ll call out Pete’s name next time. That will be nice and confusing. Anyway, where was I?  Matching stuff. So, yes, at 48 I should be sensible and match stuff and attempt sedateness and stuff like that. I should take a crack at being staid. I really, really should…probably…I’ll attempt that tomorrow. Possibly...if I meet Pete then I'll take it as a cosmic sign.  


anny cook said...

Hmmmm. Maybe St. Peter?