Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Brussel Sprouts Incident...

So, I purchased, on line, a paperback copy of Fifty Shades of Gray. I want to see what the hoop-la - good or bad - is about. Never diss something until you've experienced brussel sprouts...they're pukeable and can be disrespected by me legitimately. In fact, at high school, during Home Economics – and no, it wasn’t my choice to do bloody Home Ec. I had to due to being an army brat and changing so many schools and school systems over different states, I had to take it because that school I landed in had antiquated theories on what boys did and what girls did. I have always thought high school a waste of time. What does this have to do with Fifty Shades of Gray? Nothing, because I’m talking about brussel sprouts now.  Anyway in Home Ec I caused somewhat of a scene as I refused to cook the dreaded sprouts because you had to eat what you cooked and that was a no way Jose situation. I loathe those green ball of pus. However, one didn’t refuse stuff in Hilda the Horrible’s Home EC class. Hilda – or whatever her name was – was a starched knickered old biddy who was bitter and twisted and frankly, looking back now, really needed a good, hard shagging and a bottle of tequila.   

So there was Hilda and I. Me defying her and not cooking brussel sprouts and her declaring I would or I’d have to sit outside for the rest of the class and my mother would be notified over my recalcitrance.  “What are you going to do Amarinda?” I went and sat outside. I’d been outside before for talking in class and for laughing in class. I was an ‘outsider.’ This latest adventure outside caused much controversy as it was a well known fact that Hilda would treat me like crap for the rest of the semester because that was her MO when defied.  When Mum heard about what happened, she had words with Hilda. Long story short, Hilda was very, very quiet around me after that as Mrs Jones never tolerated people telling her that her kids were naughty and I wore the mantle of the brussel sprouts troublemaker and ‘what will she do next?’

So, Fifty Shades may be like brussel sprouts. Regardless, I will try it and judge it on what I think and believe. 


Sassy Shyla said...

Hey girl,

Just popping by to show you some love and let you know I really enjoy your blog. It's refreshing to see someone speak their mind and stay true to themselves in the writing field. Its inspirational and makes me feel less alone, thank you for that :)

anny cook said...

We're on the same side regarding brussel sprouts!