Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hydraulic equipment...

So, I was at the bra sale today buying the only brand of bra I will now wear as it’s hydraulically fashioned to pull my double d’s up from my knees and force them to sit all perky like where they used to before gravity kicked in.  Gravity - what a bastard. Anyway, while I hunted for my size – and may I say how pleased I am that manufacturers are actually making sizes that are for extra voluptuous ladies. I think as women, myself included, who can find our size pretty easily we forget there are some women who are discriminated against because of their size. So well done to bra manufacturers who are getting it right. Okay, back to DD’s…anyway I had several dozen possible bras I might buy – snatched them up before any other sale goer could grab them – got to be fast and furious at bra sales – and I was deciding which I wanted when this girl of 10 or so and her mother wandered past. The mother was looking for bras. The kid was asking what size she was. The mum said 16C. The young girl was agog at the thought of a C cup. “That’s huge mum. Are you sure you’re that big?” Ah youth. You can just see this kid in another couple of years lamenting her boobs aren’t big enough. Boobs…the trial and tribulations of. Men have no’s not just about the bounce boys.     


Anny Cook said...

Thanks for my morning laugh! Oh, I remember those days!

Siva B said...

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