Sunday, 17 June 2012

Of toilet paper and drunkards...

So I donned my trackie daks and went to Relay for Life in Cairns last night. Yes, yes, you’re sick to death of me mentioning it but there it is. I’m mentioning it again.

Positives – excellent planning, organization and follow through by all those people who put the hard yards in to make it successful. I was quite impressed they never ran out of toilet paper once in the ladies loos considering the huge volume of women that were there. I know all women are now nodding their heads at this. The candlelight ceremony was moving, respectful and there was not a dry eye anywhere, mine included. The money raised? Amazing, Grace.  
Fact #1 – I walked 40 kilometres or 25 miles in Yankee speak and I didn’t sleep a wink.  

Fact #2 – I look every one of those hours of not sleeping.

Fact #3 –  Luckily for me I can carry the scary look off.

Negatives – people getting pissed as newts as they view it as a ‘party’ and being too drunk to do their part in the relay. People deciding they were ‘too tired’ to take their turn and ‘can you do it?'

Conclusion – I’m a hard task manger when it comes to what I ask myself to do. About 2am this morning I concluded that a vast majority of people have no respect, guts or stamina and me applying my standards to their pissy, useless lives is a waste of time.


anny cook said...

Commitment. That's the word you want. Seems to me a lot of people have no commitment in their genes.

Excellent job!

Sandra Cox said...

Good job, Woman. Excellent cause.