Friday, 27 July 2007

Ask and ye shall receive...

Did you read about the man with the pulsating orange nipples of Grasshopper’s blog - What you ask? Orange nipples? Yes, that is what I said – quite loudly several times when I read it. Between Grasshopper and the Queen of Zen Anny Cook I am the only sane one in the trinity. God help us all. Anyway...when we last left our heroine she was lusting after Shade and his orange nipples. Please note that is the second last time orange nipples will be read on

Emmeline woke up shaking. The dream had seemed so real. Orange pulsating nipples? She looked over to where Shade lay sleeping, his bare chest, as normal as any mans. She had heard that some women became delusional during Khaleena due to the excess hormones charging through their bodies. Emmeline pulled out the chocolate bar and broke off a piece and popped it into her mouth. She had to get a grip. She knew the Guardians of Quadro were out to stop her getting to Rafe. She had sensed them earlier lying in wait for her and avoided their trap. By the Goddess no one would stop her claiming her man.

* * * * *

“I have come to help you,” the woman whispered softly.

Rafe turned to look at her. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
“You are a Guardian.” He was shocked to see one such as her amongst the Zucchini dealers. She shimmered with a purity that these heathens jostling each other in the dingy market place could never understand. Rafe looked around him quickly to assure himself no one listened in. “I did not think they allowed the Virginal Guardians out of the Quadro temple.”

“They do in extreme emergencies during Khaleena.” Her eyes locked on his, her meaning clear and unmistakable.

“You are not suggesting…” Sex with a temple virgin?

“I have been chosen to mate with you before Emmeline does.”

“You don’t have a peeler.” Even as inexperienced as she was surely she had to be aware of the importance of a peeler.

“A real woman doesn’t need one.” She took his hand and pulled him to her. “A real woman has other skills.”

The big boys were up from interstate today. You know – the head honchos. Except this pair don’t dress in suits, they dress casually. This instantly makes me suspicious as the big boss can never really be mates with the plebs. How do I know? Many, many years of hard work experience. Anyway they rocked in to take us to lunch to discuss work and be all friendly like.

I am not the shy, retiring type – no, please don’t be shocked – and while we were discussing work I decided to go for broke and ask for every single thing we needed, wanted, wished for and really did not need. And guess what? I got it - and even stuff I threw in as an after thought because I was on a roll. I will admit initially there were a lot of stunned mullet looks after I had calmly and politely rattled off Amarinda’s wish list. This is the usual response I get though so it did not bother me. I come from a family who believe in the ‘ask and ye shall receive’ principle or as my mother and I call it ‘what Lola wants Lola gets’ law. So I got a lot of stuff today as I believe that people never truly expect someone to ask outright for things so they are too stunned to do anything but nod…and maybe drool in extreme cases. I also managed to hammer out a very nice sick and holiday agreement for us.

So all in all, a five hour work lunch worked out very nicely for me as I got what I wanted and I only spent a couple of hours at work – bonus. And, as if the gods were truly smiling on me Skippy, my assistant, was sick so although I had to do some actual work in those two hours (how rude) it was nice not having to ascertain what mood Skippy was in – though Friday is one of her talking days. And I got a new computer in my office. That was good. Bad side is I have to now re-programme all my colours, screen savers, desktop wallpaper and favourites. I may need to ask for more money again…

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Phoenix said...

I freely admit I am not good at sci-fi-esque type writing, it is not my strength. So when Anny introduces blazing green eyes and purple gods I went a little overboard trying to carry on the theme of oddness. Hence the orange nipples. Sigh.

And just for you AJ, orange nipples orange nipples orange nipples orange nipples orange nipples. Cheers.

Anny Cook said...

Dear Amarinda, I want you to be my negotiator. I will gladly pay for lunch in exchange. Especially if it means I can have a new computer.

Kelly, the orange nipples certainly livened things up and I guarantee it got Amarinda's attention. As with all things less is more sometimes. It was a very good attempt! Don't give up!

Unknown said...

I am not saying I did not like the orange nipples - and I would be interested to meet an man with such protrusions...and I will admit for one second you have me stumped and that rarely ever happens so write it down in your diary
And Anny - the art of negotiation is to confuse the crap out of people so they are not really sure what they have agreed to until it's too late. I like that sudden look of panic in their's Scorpio know that