Tuesday, 10 July 2007

For those of you who may not know, I am an Aussie – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oy oy oy. If you don’t know what that means then you need to spend some quality drinking time with some Aussies. Anyway I live in Brisbane. It’s a major metropolitan city in the northern part of Australia. Brisbane is called BrisVegas by the locals as it is so not exciting. It’s a big city that at heart is just a big country town. My parents lived in Brisbane in the Sixties. My mother told me a story that when Dad and she arrived back in Australia from an Army posting in Malaysia, she thought she had landed at the end of the earth. There was hardly any public transport, only septic tanks and people were outraged that she wore thongs or what you non-Aussie’s would call ' flip flops' and she smoked!! She apparently set the neighbour on its ear with her bohemian behaviour.(See anything I do it’s not my fault. It’s genetic. That's my defence.) Although BrisVegas has come a long way since we’re still a little bit different to the rest of Australia and we like it like that.

BrisVegas is the capital of Queensland and I admit Queenslanders or Banana Benders as we are called (large Banana /pineapple growing areas) are a tad quirky. We refuse to have daylight saving in Summer like the rest of the country. Why? Because it will fade the curtains of course and the chooks won’t know when to lay eggs and everyone will be so tired from losing an hour’s sleep everyday that no one will be able to work or go to school – that’s why. We also have cane toads – big, ugly arsed toads that are a pest. They were brought in years ago from somewhere like South America to eradicate one pest and then they became the pest. I love it when plans work like that. These little buggers are a pain in the bum in Summer as they are insidious and if one follows you home in the car (hesitate in shutting the door) then you are stuck with them croaking their toad guts out all Summer. Queenslanders also believe fervently that the best day to buy petrol is on a Tuesday arvo. Why? Because someone said so. Coming home tonight there was a car queue stretching for miles outside one servo to buy petrol. Having passed that servo the day before I can tell you petrol was the same price. But it does not matter. You buy it on a Tuesday arvo and that’s that.

The thing I love most about Queensland is that everyone is so relaxed, you don’t have at attempt to dress up and we believe we are better that everyone else. We have fabulous beaches, winning football teams, great weather and a parochial spirit that cannot be broken. But then everyone’s home town is the best isn’t it? So come to Queensland - sit on the beaches, have a couple of beers, visit Australia Zoo and meet the locals.
Chook – hens
Arvo – afternoon
Servo – Service Station
Bum – the fleshy bit you sit on
Buggers - annoying creatures

Because I can Review
"one hot ride"
This is the first book I have read by this author, and I look forward to reading more. The way this author wrote this storyline was "Great". Who hasn't had a fantasy of having sex in the elevator? And with a "Hot" man also. I loved the way that Miranda turned the tables. I look forward to reading more by this author.


Anny Cook said...

Ooooh, a glossary! This should be a new feature on your blog! I LIKE it. I would have never guessed the arvo one. Never.

Brisbane is on my vacation "to do" list!

Phoenix said...

I'm such a post hopper. I just have to get my fix. You, Anny, and then mine to post. The rest of the day I look through others. But you are firmly part of my morning routine. Although I must speak to Anny about her late evening posts. It's wrecking my morning schedule.

So instead I will sit on my bum listening to the chooks while I drink my morning coffee until the buggers annoy me and morning becomes avro. Must remember to stop at the servo on the way to Dallas today.

Actually my favorite part of the post was the definition of bum. I shall henceforth refer to my backend as my "fleshy bit". Which will be in grand use during conference and will most likely become flattened from all the sitting upon.

Phoenix said...
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