Thursday, 5 July 2007

It’s not me, it’s my genes

Because I Can review
Man, this book hits home on every woman’s fantasy about the lover kissing you senseless in an elevator one night with the power out. Well, my fantasy and Amarinda Jones did a beautiful job in this short book. I fell in love with Justin for he does have an imagination and boy, the scenes with Miranda were hot. Each scene brought them closer, while the danger of someone wanting Miranda dead was interesting, especially how they were going to find the person. I loved the scenes between them. The secondary characters were also great, especially Miranda’s friend Vivien. Great job and I will definitely look forward to more of this author.

I asked for a raise at work today. Why? Because I could. I am worth it, maybe not to the company, but to myself I am priceless. I figured the worst they could say was bugger off. Initially management looked at me stunned – the look of “only you would bloody ask.” But of course. That’s what I do. Undeterred I explained why I deserved a raise and a change of sick/holiday leave entitlements. I believe they agreed for two reasons. Firstly I can be bloody annoying and secondly they knew from past experienceI would not shut up until I got what I wanted. It’s actually a genetic trait. Everyone is the family can be excessively annoying when they want something. We also have what my grandmother Elsie(who reminded me a lot of a silent movie star-very dramatic) called the “fatal Boatwright charm.” If needs be we can charm the socks off anyone – or if we had to - steal them - this is another genetic trait. On my maternal side we are descended from convicts – something to do with a horse ‘following’ an ancestor home and another ancestor who accidentally ‘found’ some thing that was not hers in her possession. Both got transported to Australia. I am sure they were terribly innocent of course. So you see I cannot be blamed my persistent, charming and ‘acquiring’ nature. It’s genetic. That's my defence and it's work so far.

So this is what I believe. If you want something ask. Be logical, be rational and be annoying. The worst people can say is no and if they do so what. Just make their life subtly hell until they give in.

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?
Comment from Anny Cook -
You know, you're slipping. This couple actually is in a BED! Gasp! Oh, the shock of it all. What, no lift? No car? No photo booth?
Amarinda - I did it as a favor for our editor…I did not want her to think I was a complete slut.


Phoenix said...

So THAT'S how you got published. wink wink.

I think, Amarinda, if I worked in your office, I'd be bloody terrified of you. So glad to be oceans apart where I can appreciate your charm and humor at a distance. This way I can adore you to pieces without quaking in fear.

Unknown said...

You scare easily Grasshopper...good to know...

Anny Cook said...

You are my heroine. I plan to be just like you when I grow up.

BTW, that was a smashing review. I'm incredibly jealous. And she was correct--it was great!