Thursday, 4 October 2007

Ask a silly question...

Thief of Mine review

Though my first time reading Amarinda Jones, I was pulled and refused to let go even at the end. Amarinda adds a new style to Erotica and with a true talent brings her characters to vivid life and breath-taking reality.Combine a thief, ancient idol, a proud prude and what do you get? Thief of Mine, a story that has stolen this reviewer’s heart, and leaves you waiting with bated breath for the next gripping tale.

Ask a silly question….I was wondering what to write on today’s blog so I asked authors and women of the world Anny Cook and Kelly Kirch for random, off the top of their head topics. I thought world politics, man's inhumanity to man or maybe the price of petrol. No. Authors are a different species to everyone else. This is what the came up with - legs up in the air (that’s what I am politely calling it), bunny boilers, the degree of drunkenness needed to reach the “I need a man’ stage", psychics, sex and food. Yes, logical topics most people would give if on the planet Zork. So here goes…

Were you aware that putting your legs up is good for you circulation? Of course you were. Legs ache? Hoist them in the air. There’s also the old wives tale that it can prevent varicose veins. So raising your legs is a good, healthy thing to do. Or maybe consider a good old knees up. What’s that? It’s all about people dancing, laugh and having a good time at a party. Not what someone thought I would write – but I am being a good girl. You’d have to read an Amarinda Jones book for the other explanation I would use.

I am not really someone who attracts bunny boiler type people. I believe it’s a personality thing. Obsessive people know from my trade mark death stare that I am not one to be putting up with them and I have no hesitation in telling them that. Needy people seem to know who to zero in on to wear down with their obsessive neediness. My belief is that everyone knows when something does not feel right or seems odd to them. Be polite and be firm to these people and don’t set yourself up as a victim. Life is too short to be dealing with that crap.

A drunken declaration of needing a man? To be honest, I don’t think there is enough alcohol on the planet to get me so drunk that I would declare I needed a man. No, I don’t bat for the other team – not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s more I cannot see a smart, independent woman having to get that drunk to consider the need for a man in her life. You either want one or you don’t. It’s like you want a gold fish or you don’t. What are they going to bring to your life and how easy are they to flush down the toilet?

Psychics, sex and food. Being psychic – the ability to be able to predict or sense things. Sex – making love. Food – sustenance. The perfect man – he senses when to advance and retreat, he knows what it takes to make your toes curl and he can cook. Does he exist? Yes, in an Amarinda Jones books he does.

Am I going to ask Anny and Kelly for topics again? No, they are mates but they are insane. Sorry, it had to be said.

You must go to to read about Titus the were-tick. No really. Would I lie to you? Then sashay over to and see what she has done to the blog serial. I don’t even know as yet as Kelly has not told Anny or me which does not bode well…for her as payback is a bitch. But then so am I.

I get sent a Quote from the Oprah site everyday. Usually they are very uplifting but this one – it’s either extremely existentially and spiritually enlightening or it’s a confusing load of twaddle…what do you think?

"Do not think of what you are / Still less of / What you may one day be / Rather / Be what you / The unthinkable one / You do not know." -- Thomas Merton.

Yes…and on that deep and meaningful twaddle-bound thought…hooroo ‘til tomorrow.

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Ummmmm. Yeah. Thomas Merton, eh? Okay, I'm with you--twaddle. I like the comparison to the gold-fish, too. Very zen-like. And the review was great! I'm two-thirds through Thief and I love it! No doubt I will finish it today. It's excellent, but then that's what I expect from one of your books...

Molly Daniels said...

Isn't it great to have a reviewer say she's now a fan? Great news!

Kelly Kirch said...

This reminds me of a joke I heard. A little boy comes in the house and says, "Mommy, did you know daddy is a hero? He saved our neighbor's life!" "Really?" she asks. The little boy nods his head and replies, "Yes! She was dying and calling out to God and I think God was going to suck her into heaven. She was wailing and flinging her arms and legs, but thank goodness daddy was there to hold her down!"

Just a thought. Oh and definitely twaddle. The one you don't know?? What the heck? Sounds like someone wanted to get deep and meaningful but lost the plot half way through.

Molly Daniels said...

I'll have to remember that joke. Thanks Kell:)