Friday, 5 October 2007

Just for a moment...

Today, on my way home from work I ran into an old flame. Let’s call him Harry. Once upon a time, I was a tad besotted with Harry. I think every woman has at least one Harry in their lives that they were madly in lust over. Anyway, I had just opened the door of freezer section in the supermarket to get out a container of Sara Lee chocolate and caramel swirl, full gloriously fattening ice-cream and this voice behind me said. “I suppose that is for medicinal purposes.” Bloody hell. I recognized that voice. Harry. I turned and looked at him. Same smile, same sexy eyes and same everything that made him Harry. He looked good. But then thankfully, despite the heat of the day, I was looking pretty together as well.

It’s funny running into someone you once thought you knew so well and for some reason you thought you loved (It was lust).What do you talk about? Well, you say things like - You look well. Where are you working? Did you ever get rid of the piece of crap car you owned? I stood there holding the ice-cream and for a split second I wondered gee what if? But then I thought nah as I remembered all the reasons why not. Pushy, independent, temperamental - and he had his faults as well. But it was good to see him. Harry was not so much the one that got away more the one that would never have worked out.

Was Harry with someone else? Most likely, I did not ask but he is a keeper for some woman. Did he ask me anything probing about my life? No because he knows better than to intrude on stuff that has nothing to do with him. Did I go home and eat the ice-cream? Damn straight. I have a bowl of it beside me as I type. Do I want another Harry in my life? No, not really. Though I wouldn’t mind another carton of ice-cream because this one is not going to last long.

Now on the blog serial….

Kelly on

And she gave me this damned eagle tail.” Leo shook his head. “I mean really, my name is Leo. Couldn’t she have made me a shape-shifting lion? Who ever heard of an eagle named Leo?”

“Better that then making me out with a huge gut and nine lives,” Sam retorted.

“I think that was Kelly.”

“Then screw her too,” Sam retorted. “In the meantime, we have to figure out how to get you crowned without PJ jumping your tail.”

Leo grew pensive. “I think we should let Amarinda worry about that one.”

My turn….

PJ swore angrily as she swung the razor sharp machete around picturing how easily it would slice through eagle tail. Leonardo was such smart arse. He knew she had the ability to read his mind and yet he spoke freely as if she meant nothing to him. Pig. Had he forgotten Paris so easily? Well, PJ knew what would piss Leo off big time. If that damned crown of his went missing.

“I’ll get that sucker.” She knew he would swap that tacky tin tiara for his tail in a heart beat. The bounty on his tail wouldn’t keep her warm at night but it would sure pay for others that could. PJ stormed over to the fortress wall. She lifted her hand and closed her eyes. By the force of her mind, her body was levitated up the wall towards her goal. “Watch that arse of yours Leo. I’m coming to get you.”

Leonardo switched on a nearby radio. He knew he had pushed his luck too far. The only way to deflect PJ’s mind energy was by radio waves.

PJ worries me,” Leonardo admitted. “She is not like an ordinary woman.” He both feared and admired her. She was a vengeful, strong woman who wanted payback.

“She’s a freaking nightmare mate,” snorted Sam as he scratched his butt. “What you ever saw in her I’ll never know.”

Leonardo smiled softly. “She has her moments.”

“You know you’re going to have to kill her.”

“Oh yes, but I might have a little fun with her first.” PJ was built for fun.

How will Anny follow this up Saturday? Check out now and on Saturday. The talented author Cindy Spencer Pape is answering the hard questions on www.kkirch.blogspot. Go and say hi to the dragon lady and snap up her latest release. It's called Between a Rock and a Hard on. Is that a great title or what?
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Molly Daniels said...

I always find it amusing when I run into any of my exes and think, "What the hell did I EVER see in him? What was I thinking?" type of thought! I was hormones! Stupid, stupid, hormones:) But what great experiences to toss into the books nowadays, ha ha:)

Kelly Kirch said...

My Harry was in highschool though I don't think he counts as I was far to good and innocent to act on something as base as lust. While we dated (and this was in Brazil where new movies are few and far) we saw "What About Bob" three times without ever actually watching the movie. We did try, I swear.

I love the line "Pushy, independent, tempermental-and he has his faults too." LOL

anny cook said...

Excellent blog. I've run into a couple of Harry's now and then. And no, you never go back.

Wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the spot you left me in on the Saga. Just wanted to see what I could come up with, huh?

You may be sorry...

Molly Daniels said...

Reacting to comment on last post: yes, I'll admit social problems and the way people deal with them are for some reason fascinating! As I've said before...the basic premise of my entire series is tat even good kids can make bad choices. And sometimes those choices can completely derail you; sometimes for life.

Barbara said...

Do you have Ben & Jerry's there? If so I recommend their new Creme Brulee. It's the perfect compliment to everything, whether you're glad or sad you saw Harry again, glad or sad you've both moved on, glad or sad he was once part of your life, glad or sad you bumped into him on a Friday...

Amarinda Jones said...

No, we don't have Ben & Jerry's - but on your wise advice Barabra I will storm the supermarket and insist they stock thsi ice-cream