Saturday, 27 October 2007

Saturday stuff...

Because I Can - review

I can’t help but wonder if this is a true story with names changed to protect the guilty. Because I Can is a romp filled delight with plenty of engaging characters and witty dialogue to make this story wiz by. Miranda is tough as nails, but soft as putty when it comes to enjoying all that Justin has to give. A man who knows what he wants and doesn’t waste time second guessing himself. It was refreshing to see someone so willing to take a leap of faith and allow love to have its way. I loved the regional dialogue used in this story and also thought the realism of the workers added a depth to this story that was appreciated. This is my first taste of Amarinda Jones’ work but hopefully not the last.

It’s almost summer in Australia and it is already hot. I always find it reassuring that what I wore last year (no I don’t follow trends, I am my own trend) still fits. Whew! I breathed yet another seasonable sigh of relief as I was able to do up the snaps of my favourite denim shorts. As I have mentioned many times before, I do not believe in bodily perfection. I do, however like to get my shorts done up without the maximum amount of effort and with the minimal amount of fat ballooning over edges.

So it being Saturday morning, I wandered off to do Saturday stuff. I always wear Betty on a Saturday. What’s that you ask? Who is Betty? Well Betty Boop of course. Doesn’t every, progressive, thinking woman have a Betty Boop t-shirt? A militant acquaintance of mine thinks that by me wearing Betty I am “feeding the stereotypical, false illusion of women having to be sex symbols.” Wow…really? I just like wearing the shirt and to be honest I happen to believe Betty Boop is a woman we should all consider aspiring to. Why? Because she has her own brand name, is instantly recognizable and she gets what she wants with a simple wink and a boop-oop-a-doop. I mean really how is that stereotypical? I believe Betty is a shrewd woman. She has been around since the 1930s and she knows how to manipulate a man. She flirts only so much to achieve her aims and she has the ability to look all demure and innocent when she has to. In my mind Betty Boop is the quintessential female.

Anyway…where was I? Oh yes, Saturday stuff…I had to have a search and destroy mission done on the stray pesky grey hair that turns up when you least expect it. I was in the ladies loos at work yesterday – the only male free zone and I am keeping it that way – when I noticed the grey hairs under the strong fluorescent light. Egad! They had to go. I went and saw Mimi my hairdresser, no, not her real name, and was given some ghastly news. It was so shocking we both had to have two of the free courtesy chocolates she gives out to patrons. There was no intense red hair colour. Quel horreur! I always have intense red. Apparently the shipment had not arrived. This was the sort of news that sends normal people into counselling. Thankfully I am not normal. I am a woman of action. I called commandingly for the colour chart, freaking out the new apprentice, and we flipped through it like women on a mission. What about purple? Nice but a tad dark. Blue streaks? Yes, but they would only look excellent with the intense red. Blonde streaks – nah…I wasn’t in a blonde mood. Black? It would match assassin black Monday but I would look like Morticia Adams. After another handful of chocolates we finally decide on fire red. It looks okay but it does not have that same fake, totally unnatural intense red look about it that I normally favour.

So for the rest of the day I did exciting things like the laundry, cleaning and I am still trying to finish self-editing my latest epic before I send it to my editor. At this moment the self editing is meandering along and the washing is still on the clothes line. I have accomplished very little today but I am blaming it on the hair dye tragedy I suffered earlier in the day. I think you will agree there is just so much one woman can bear. Because of this drama I know I will have to have a glass or seven of wine tonight.

Anny has the blog serial today on She has been unfolding, piece by piece, a fascinating story that you must read. As for Kelly, she is being all mystical and mythical and discussing dinosaurs and dragons on And speaking of dragons…Cindy Spencer Pape sent this message along - Sam Cheever has put together a group of 13 fantasy and paranormal romance authors (including some very big names!) and has organized a Trick-or-Treat event that starts Monday, October 29. But you can go to her website right away and take a look. The prize bag is gonna be HUGE!

So, there you have it – great reading and prizes…what more can you ask for? Okay, I could ask for intense red hair colour but I swear I’m over it…sort of…

Thief of Mine - review

This is a sure fire book for those looking to laugh their way to ecstasy. Thief of Mine is full of some of the funniest characters around, from the female villain to a heroine with more sass and wit than should be allowed. Amarinda Jones is well becoming an author to watch with her interesting style that brings with it a touch of Australian culture I find extremely fascinating. Kit and Stella’s adventures in the world of high stakes thievery is a light tale that takes you from one hilarious mess-up to another and left me on more than one occasion in stitches. With all the laughter and caustic wit, the one thing that sealed the deal for me was the actual romance. It took a little time to work things out but in the end these two who were opposites yet perfect for each other made this tale a pleasure to read. Until the next book, I will have to reread this one when I need another taste of Ms. Jones’ style!

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Ah, the tragedy of it all. I can sympathize as my hair color was discontinued. I fought back by going au natural. Take that!

I'm still trying to decide if I should color it for RT. My hairdresser calls it silver. Hmmmm.

Excellent, excellent reviews! Congratulations!

Molly Daniels said...

I also have silver in my hair. And think of us in the morthern hemisphere, as we are breaking out the thermal underwear as winter appraoches!

Kelly Kirch said...

Not grey or silver. I've nearly returned to my regular brown color, but the tips of my curls are still highlighted. It actually works fine. I miss having brilliant purple-red hair or black hair. Blonde looks AWFUL on me. I'm so pale anyway, I become washed out whitey with blue spots for eyes.

Brynn Paulin said...

Congrats on the great reviews! I sympathize on teh hair color. I get my perfume at Bath and Body Works and they are continually discontinuing whatever scent I come to love. Evil demons :-(

Sandra Cox said...

You are too funny. grin.
Great reviews by the way.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Congrats on the brilliant reviews (clearly, these are women of taste) and condolences on the hair color. I used to be red all the time, but once I got pregnant, my hair stopped taking the dye...rotton hormones

Anonymous said...

i too just dyed what i now call my 'betty' with a special hair dye called 'betty' color for the hair down there....i had a few grays and thought i wanted to be a true blonde..but after seeing all the colors 'betty' offers, i did a vibrant orange for halloween--and a cool stencil too! ..i was so happy, i had a glass of wine to celebrate!