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Okay, once again, I present you great writers on a Sunday. Why? Because my Sunday has been so utterly boring – woke up, staggered out of bed, stumbled outside for the Sunday newspaper and wrote all day, while not changing from my pj’s or brushing my hair. Yes, it was a feral Sunday for Amarinda. Only those with a whip and a chair could approach me.

So I am on the point of losing consciousness with the non excitement of my Sunday and my backside is so numb from sitting. However this is a valid reason to keep cellulite. It cushions pain. I think the reputable medical journals should consider publishing my view on this. I’ll write them later. For the moment I am still writing in between contemplating whether I will paint my fingernails emerald green or trashy turquoise. Either will match with Monday’s assassin black ensemble. Ah yes, back to work. Oh how pukeable.

So, enough waffle from me – I’ll be back tomorrow to carry on where I left off. Remember to check out the ever delightful, toe tapping duo of Anny – and Kelly – And now, the Amarinda blog is proud to bring you three published book authors and a published Poet. Can I bring you culture or what? All three writers are completely different and I think that variety is the spice of life for this Sunday. So settle back and read. ..there's one by the Jones girl at the end.... just a little, shameless hint

From Incognito by Lisabet Sarai – out now through Total-E-Bound
**Warning – this is an adult excerpt.

As in Chinatown, all the businesses on Charles Street were dark. The gas lamps made pools of golden light at intervals along the street. Miranda could hear her heels clicking on the cobblestone sidewalk, and a few paces behind her, the muted sound of the businessman’s leather soles. A mild spring breeze stirred her skirt and touched her naked privates underneath. She shivered at the touch, delicate but intimate, the fingers of some ghostly lover.
A few blocks up the street, Miranda reached the alleyway that led to her apartment. She ducked inside and stood with her back to the brick wall, breathing deeply.
Overhead, the moon shone cold and distant. Halfway down the alley there was a lamp, but the area near the entrance where Miranda lay in wait swam in darkness. It seemed a long time before the Japanese man reached the narrow passageway, and then, for a moment, Miranda thought that he was going to pass right by. But no, he turned abruptly as he caught sight of her. Before Miranda could move or speak, he seized her in a fierce embrace and had his tongue deep in her mouth.
Flirting, playing, teasing the man on the subway was one thing; his sudden physical presence was something else, shocking and foreign. He smelled of some men’s cologne, brash, almost bitter. He tasted faintly like liquorice. His tongue was agile and his mouth demanding. She was no longer in control. Miranda gave herself up to the kiss; it sent electric sparks shuddering down her spine to her sex.
He sucked her earlobe into his mouth, nipping at the tender morsel of flesh with sharp teeth. The brief pain was immediately overwhelmed by delicious spasms between her legs. Now he was nuzzling at her neck, his coarse, thick hair tickling near her collarbone. He held her with one arm and with the other, pulled up her jersey, reached behind and deftly unhooked her bra. The night air caressed her bared breasts as he pushed the bra out of the way and fastened his mouth on one swollen nipple.
Miranda’s knees grew weak. She loved his force, his strength. When his hand moved below her waist, she spread her legs wide, silently offering him her sex. But instead, he unzipped his trousers, releasing his straining penis.
He stood back for a moment, so that Miranda could see it. Smooth and pale, it seemed almost luminescent in the moonlight. His cock was elegant, slender and straight with a glans scarcely larger than the shaft, and totally hairless. Like ivory, Miranda thought. That thought disappeared as the man roughly pulled her legs apart and, with a single upward thrust, buried himself in her depths.
He was as hard as ivory, or bone, or stone. He worked her cunt with fast, furious strokes, leaving her little time to breathe. Miranda could only moan and clutch at his shoulders as his unyielding rod slid in and out of her. Her eyes closed. Other sensations mingled with the exquisite roughness of his thrusts. She smelled his sweat, dampening the armpits of his business shirt. The brick wall scraped her back. She heard a siren, blocks away, and it seemed like its keening rise to crescendo matched the progress of her arousal.
She was soaked, so wet that at one point he slipped out of her folds. He uttered what sounded like a curse in Japanese. With both hands, he grabbed her buttocks and raised her off the ground, settling her firmly on his erection. Miranda instinctively locked her legs around his waist. Their bodies thus coupled, the stranger resumed his thrusts, his penis now embedded tightly in her hungry cunt.
In their new position, Miranda had more control. She rocked her pelvis back and forth, seeking deeper penetration. There were always those aching places, too deep for any cock, that craved stimulation. Her partner growled and dug his nails into her hind cheeks. Wonderful pleasure-pain. She clamped her thighs more tightly. At the same time, she tensed her cunt-muscles, gripping the ivory rod inside her and grinding down fiercely. She teetered on the edge of orgasm, screaming inside for that one perfect thrust that would push her over.
He felt her insides clench around him, and exploded. He rammed her against the wall, tearing her jersey. Oh, that was what she wanted and needed, to be torn open! His cock pierced the balloon swelling inside her, and her climax took her like a hurricane. The gale rang in her ears, bore her aloft, battered and blessed her.
When the force of the orgasm faded, she realised that she was still entwined with the body of the Japanese man. She looked at his face, for the first time since the subway. He smiled, a bit sheepishly, and helped her to stand.
Miranda felt dizzy. No, giddy, overwhelmed and amazed by her own audacity. She pulled her bra and her tattered shirt down over her naked breasts. Brushing brick dust off her shirt, she watched the businessman stuff his now-limp penis back into his pants and close the zipper. She smiled, a secret smile that the stranger did not understand.
He had straightened his clothing and retrieved his briefcase from the pavement where he left it. With the same care he had used on the train, he extricated his eyeglasses and put them back on.
Then he surprised Miranda. He stood very straight, looking conservative and affluent, and bowed low. “Arrigato gozimus,” he murmured. Picking up his case, he turned and left the alley. Miranda could hear his soft footsteps on the sidewalk as he disappeared from her life.

Click on the cover and buy the book – you know you want to. Check out for more of Lisabet’s hot and steamy erotic romances

Old Age

In a house all alone
It gets quiet at night
Hunger remains
Eating is a fight

Whispering past
With voices long gone
Families all grown
Alone life goes on

Rumble around on
Weak wobbly legs
A few paths through the house
Excercise today

Laughter of children
Whom grandbabies came
Holiday visits
Always hearts pain

His passage of love
Went to a black box
The fighting and hardship
Your memory blocks

Wondering just how long
Loneliness lasts.
Finding fewer and fewer
Things for time to pass

Looking for a grittier, darker kind of fiction? Then check out Jackie’s work on

Love Finds A Way by Molly Daniels. It’s coming soon mid November 2007

"Slagal said you were cute, and for once he was right," remarked Troy, appraising Amy.
"Thank you," was the cool reply. "Is that your car outside?"
The four young people walked out to the dark-blue sedan. Don and Stephanie climbed into the back seat, leaving Amy no choice but to ride up front with Troy. During the ten mile ride, they got acquainted. It was revealed that Don was enrolled at UCLA, and Troy, the University of Illinois.
After arriving at the party, Matt was nowhere to be found. Troy disappeared into the house, so Don got each girl a cup of beer from the keg, and the three stood talking. Matt arrived with three girls on his heels, and Amy was noticeably upset. Troy came back and began flirting with her. Against her better judgment, she responded, and the two bantered back and forth, trading one-liners. A bonfire had been built; the four of them gravitated toward it. A while later, Troy went to see about getting another keg, and Amy noticed Don and Steph getting cozy, so she discreetly left. As she stood talking with some other guests, Matt came up and called her over.
"I've got one thing to say: Don't mess around with anyone here."
Amy's anger exploded. "You can't come get me, but you can leave to pick up three others?"
"Well, I'd already..."
"I know," she interrupted. "Would it make you jealous if I did?"
Matt gave her a strange look. "No, go ahead. Do what you want."
Amy softened her tone. "I came here tonight to be with you. The only man I’m interested in at this party is you. And when you get that through your thick skull, you know where to find me." She turned and went back to the fire, but Stephanie and Don had left. Presently, other guests joined her. Fifteen minutes had passed before the missing couple appeared.
"Amy," whispered Stephanie. "Can you show me where the bathroom is?"
"Sure." They excused themselves, went inside the house, said hello to Matt's mom, and borrowed the facilities.
"Where did you and Don go?" Amy inquired as she shut the door.
"Don't tell anyone," Steph pleaded. "But Don and I...well...sort of fooled around behind a bush. Does it show?"
Amy grinned. "That's what I thought. Of course it doesn't show!"
"I hope you don't think any less of me..."
"Don't be silly. I slept with Matt barely three hours after we'd met last year! And besides, last month, I went on the Pill. Matt doesn't even know yet."
"Really?" Steph was amazed. "How's it going with him, anyway?"
"When he's ready to talk, he'll come to me," Amy replied. "When he's through hitting on every other girl, he always comes back to me."
"And you put up with it?" Steph stared at her.
"Yes." Amy clearly did not want to discuss it. "Are you ready? Let's go back to the fire."
The two returned to the crackling fire, and Troy swooped on them like a hawk. "Amy, honey, " he said, his voice carrying over the backyard. "I missed you!" He hugged her, and she caught Matt's angry glare.
"Uh-oh," she thought. "Now I'm gonna get it. But so what? He's not paying any attention to me; let him know I'm not his personal property!"
But, she was wrong. Matt came over and said he wanted to show her something, so they left the backyard and went to the driveway.
"Of course! Your new Lebaron!"
Matt held the door for her, and she sat in the plush-covered bucket seat. Matt sat in the driver's seat and adjusted the seat.
"This is really nice!" Amy exclaimed. "Power windows, nice stereo, bucket seats...Matthew! Automatic transmission!"
"Yeah, well, my mom bought it," was the reply as he recalled his three previous stick-shift vehicles. "Come here."
She leaned towards him and he held her close. "You're not mad at me?" she asked.
"Hell no."She kissed him, then touched her lips to his sensitive neck. Matt led her hand downwards, then tried to pull her across.
"Wait...the gearshift...You know, this would be a heck of a lot more comfortable up on your waterbed," she said gently.
"You want to?"
"Is it safe?"
"Definitely," Amy smiled.“Okay."They climbed out of the car and walked hand-in-hand into the house."Go on up and get naked," he ordered. "I'll be up in a minute."
"I will not," she declared. "I will, however, be waiting for you."
She turned and went upstairs. Turning on the light, she discovered a suitcase and clothes spilled on the unmade bed. She sighed, kicked off her shoes, and took off her belt, earrings, watch, and ring. She had just placed the suitcase on the floor, along with the wrinkled clothing, and was making the bed when Matt waltzed into the room, locking the door behind him. He flicked off the lights and took the slender girl in his arms. They kissed, then Matt gently lowered her onto the bed. Carefully he peeled away her clothes and explored her body. Amy sighed, giving into the sensual feelings of his caresses. She undressed him, then heard him fumbling with something in the dark.
"Matt? What is it?""A rubber. Different brand."
"We don't need it."
"Why not?"
"If you'd read my last letter, you would know." Amy shook her head. "I...went on the Pill."
Matt stopped. "What for?"
"For my own benefit, and yours. Now, we're already protected."
Matt reached for her. "Then let's try it out."

Go to the lovely Molly’s website to check out her books and to have a chat.

And Because I Can…here is an excerpt from Because I Can – by the Jones girl – out now through Ellora’s Cave. Warning – this is an adult excerpt.

Miranda flashed her blue and yellow employee badge importantly like it was the key to her automatic entrance to anything Promptel. “Look important and you become important.” Or maybe that was, “Be pushy and get what you want.” Either one worked. She looked at the woman’s name plate on her desk.

“It’s okay Ellen. Justin is expecting me. You won’t get into trouble. I am well aware he is on a conference call.” Miranda pushed inside the Executive Suite. It was as she expected. Large, plush and it had Justin Hale pacing around an expensive looking desk. He looked pissed off and not in the mood to be distracted. Too bad for him. She was going to distract the hell out of the man.

“I don’t care what the profit margin is. Do it now or suffer the consequences,” he snapped out over the hands-free phone. Several disembodied voices in Melbourne immediately agreed with him. He hated dealing with people over the phone. He preferred looking them in the eye so he could see what they were thinking. He didn’t need “yes” men or women he needed people who could think for themselves and come up with logical solutions to problems.
Miranda shut the door and turned the lock. It had taken her an hour to work up the courage to come and see him. She had a plan. It was something she had never done before but she was ready to do now. Justin Hale was going to lose control. She was going to see to it. Vengeance thy name is Miranda.
* * * * *
Justin looked up to see Miranda. He was both delighted to see her and irritated to be stuck on the call. To have this woman come to him willingly was a surprise. Or was it? And why had she locked the door? That indicated something was about to happen that did not invite an audience to watch. He was intrigued as he watched her approach. She was still dressed in the same clothes. Yet by the look in her eyes Justin knew something was decidedly different about her. Attitude? Confidence? He tried to concentrate of what the people in Melbourne were telling him and not on the woman who approached but that was damn near impossible. He put the conference call on mute.
“Now is not the time Miranda.”
“Oh but it’s the perfect time for me.” Miranda ran a hand lightly down his chest. “I dare you to keep talking.” She reached up and with both hands ripped open his cool crisp white shirt sending buttons flying off in all directions. “I dare you not to move.” She ran her tongue down his bare chest, smiling as he tensed at her touch. She looked him in the eyes. “I dare you not to lose control, Justin Hale.”
Justin’s eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. This was the last thing he had expected from this woman and he loved it.
“Are you there, Justin?”
Justin snapped off the mute button as Miranda licked the hot skin on his chest. She pushed his hands away from her indicating she was in control.
“Yes, I’m here.”
“Well what do you think?” the voices asked.
“I have no idea what to think,” Justin murmured as he watched with fascination as Miranda’s hands moved down to his waistband and caressingly over his groin. He felt his cock stand instantly to attention.
Miranda reached down and pulled down his zipper freeing a mischievous penis who wanted to come out and play. The skin was smooth and soft and stretched to the limit. Perfect. He would not last long.
“I…ah…” Justin had no idea what he was saying as Miranda had hold of his cock. His eyes widened as she dropped to her knees and roughly pulled down his trousers to his ankles. She wouldn’t, would she? Here? Now? In the middle of an important conference call? He both prayed she would and hoped she wouldn’t.
“Don’t loose control now, Justin.” Miranda leaned forward and licked the tip of his cock.
“Oh god… I mean…ah…well yes, this, ah…financial year has seen some major challenges and…” Justin groaned as Miranda’s tongue flicked lightly over his hot, hard flesh. “We have to be prepared for…” Justin could not think straight. What did they have to be prepared for? How could any man prepare for a beautiful woman dropping to her knees and covering their cock in red lipstick?
“We missed the last bit, Justin. We must have a bad connection,” a disembodied voice said through the speaker.

Click on the cover and buy the book....go on, you know you want to...

Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


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