Saturday, 13 October 2007

Two great books and a rant – what more can you ask for?

Last Man Standing –by moi - that's Alex Navarro on the cover. Isn't he delicious? Click on the cover and buy the book.

“I fancy you.”
Amy tried half heartedly to shrug Alex’s hands from her shoulders.
“That just means you have good taste.”
“I know you taste good.” The single kiss between them had unknowingly sealed their fate.
“Even if you were the last man standing, you will never, ever kiss me again!”
“Won’t I?” If Alex was sure of nothing else he was sure that he would kiss this woman again. His hands moved slowly down Amy’s back.
Who was game playing now? Amy knew to respond to the hands that caressed her back so gently would be disastrous to what was left of her control.
“What about Anthony?” How had they got off that topic?
“I don’t fancy him.” As he massaged her back his hands slipped down to her hips pulling her closer.
“What are going to do about him?” If Alex pulled her any closer she would definitely do something dumb like kiss him and how could she do that when she had just now declared she would never give him the opportunity to kiss her again? Amy swallowed her bubble gum with a gulp.
“I’m going to watch and wait.” As Alex had done with Amy and that result was coming to fruition.
“And then what? You came from this Melotia place for him so he must be bad but you’re going to wait?”
“He is bad and he will slip up.” Amy’s mouth was inches from his own. He noticed that she no longer chewed her bubble gum.
“Simple as that?” Were those her hands that rested on Alex’s mighty fine shoulders? Was it just support she sought from him? It had, after all been a long day. Or did she want to strangle him for putting her into this position of wanting him? If she was honest, it was a bit of both.
Amy’s hands on his shoulders brought her full breasts into contact with his chest. Alex knew this was how it was meant to be. Nothing could change this moment.
“What do you want me to do?” Alex would do absolutely anything Amy Hart wanted at this moment.
“Capture him! Make him talk under a hot light bulb! I don’t know!” Alex’s bark of laughter made her furious. “What’s so funny?” None of this was funny as far as Amy was concerned. It was way too serious to be laughed at.
Alex caught her chin in his hand and looked at her.
“You are, Amy Hart. You try and act so cool and calm but you are anything but.”

“You have such a pretty face, if only you’d lose weight.”

These are fighting words to me. If I ever hear them and you are in my vicinity – duck. As my dear friend Ethel says - “Let me get you a match - its better if you set yourself alight rather than Lucy doing it.” She calls me Lucy as we have been in quite a few Lucy and Ethel situations. But she’s right. You are fair game to me if you belittle someone in my presence. While these words have never been said to me personally, they inflame me. Why? Because they are ridiculous. The person saying it thinks they are being nice and helpful but they are actually being condescending and most times the people they say it too are too hurt to respond. My standard response when I hear that comment is “And you’d be quite attractive if you had manners.” I could stay out of it and say nothing and I could also fly to the moon on gossamer wings. Neither is likely to happen. I consider people like these bullies. Not aggressive but their words are just as powerful.

What is it with us? Why do we have these preconceived notions on what is beautiful? If you think someone has a ‘pretty’ face then compliment them on it. Their weight is irrelevant and no ones business but their own. If they want to lose weight they will. I watched a TV show recently about models and they said to this young woman “If your nose was smaller you would be a real beauty.” What the? You could see woman was crushed. Does the teller get some satisfaction out if delivering crap lines to people? Do they feel superior? And who are those people that set these ‘standards’ of what is acceptable? I suggest they are small minded people who have no concept of real life and they believe everyone must conform to fit in. I don't want to fit in and I stay stuff conforming.

An acquaintance of mine looked at this man and said, “If only he was taller he would be perfect for me.” What? How is his height relevant to whether you would be happy as a couple? Is his height going to be an issue when you need emotional support? Or when you sit quietly and enjoy each others company? Are you going to laugh less with him because he is that little bit shorter than what you consider perfect? Well, no of course not.

I think you’ll agree some of the most beautiful people are not raving beauties. Their nose may be a bit big but their eyes sparkle when they laugh. Someone may have a big butt, but they have the most beautiful hair you have ever seen. Compliment the assets and forget the flaws as they mean nothing in the scheme of things. Some of the most stunning people have both physical and mental scars and they are attractive. I believe this is to do with life experience and wisdom gained. And sexy? That’s all to do with attitude and not height or weight or nose size. So we all need to get a global grip and think before we try and enforce our ideas of physical beauty on another. Rant over.
Another gret book to buy.......
Street of Dreams by Marianne Stephens – available now. Click on the cover and buy the book.

“I’m just trying to help you visualize a peaceful calming soak in the tub.”
“Right. Of course, it would be much more pleasant and easier to handle if you were say, to join me.” He leered at her while he wiggled his eyebrows.
“Sorry dear fake husband. I do my bathing solo.” She tore her glance away from him and surveyed the room. “As solo as I can get with all these angels watching my every move.”
Nick walked through the room, felt the wallpaper and rubbed his fingers along the glossy tub finish. Shaped like a heart, the tub was big enough for two. Eileen imagined him slipping into it, firm masculine body edging down in slow motion into the water. He’d slosh some of it over the edge of the tub as he dipped further down.
No matter how much space he took up, there would still be room for her. Joining him in the tub would satisfy one of her fantasies. Actually, two…having sex with him and doing it in water.
Warmth crept up her cheeks. Enough with the daydreams. They were there for a job, not pleasure.
She focused her attention on the gold-plated sinks and fixtures. Tiny angels rested on the handles. Even the curtains, seat cushion on the vanity chair and shower curtain depicted flying cherubs of all sizes.
Most of the room was colored in white, except for all the gold angels. A smattering of pink and lavender appeared splashed here and there on the wallpaper, chair cover and curtains. She guessed the bathroom had to somehow blend in with the bedroom and the coloring did the trick.
Nick started shedding his clothes as Eileen stood planted near the tub.
“What are you doing?”
He stopped unbuttoning his shirt long enough to say, “Didn’t you tell me to shower away any signs of my aftershave? This was your idea, not mine.”
“Well, I didn’t mean this minute. I’m still standing here.”
“So,” he said in a lazy tone, “why are you still here?” Nick unzipped his pants.
Because I want to see you naked, that’s why.

Want to read about a tooth tattoo? Well who wouldn't? Go immediately to and find out why the woman is writing about teeth. Now I have no idea what Kelly plans to write about tomorrow but I am sure it will be fascinating, if not odd and exciting. So check out and be amazed.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Excellent blog, but Alex's picture isn't showing...Whaaaa! Fix it, fix it!

anny cook said...

Ahhhhh. There he is. Isn't he delicious?

Kelly Kirch said...

I think your neighbor is luscious. Mmm Alex, want a spot of tea? Come visit neighbor Amarinda for a sip or two....

And what the HECK makes you think it's a tatoo. It was suggested but that doesn't mean I have to go there. Just wait for Monday.

AJ, I want to bring you home with me next time I go to Texas. I need someone like you around. Anny, you can come too. I love my family but without the barest word, they leave me devestated. Do these people think we don't see our imperfections? We don't own a mirror so they must be pointed out? Do the idiots talking about us truly believe we've no ears to hear them seconds after we pass by? Rudeness is never acceptable.

anny cook said...

You remember our discussion last night, AJ? I think maybe the heart-shaped tub might do it. And the Poconos aren't too far away say for a fortieth anniversary?

Molly Daniels said...

My mama always said "you're beautiful, cecause God doesn't make junk!" It's what's inside that counts...and some of the most beautiful people I know have that inner, peaceful soul. Those idiots on TV have no clue about the inner beauty!

Have you noticed sometimes it's the 'beautiful' people who have the saddest lives? They're trying to live up to perfection, which does not exist.

Amarinda Jones said...

Go the Poconos Anny!

As for you Grasshopper - I see no imperfections