Monday, 29 October 2007

I give you the foot...

Lust in Time - review

Amarinda Jones has yet another hit with Lust In Time. Ms. Jones has a knack for creating true to life strong characters in both centuries. Vivid scenes and interplay between characters makes for an easy enjoyable read. Lust In Time heats up the centuries with very erotic interaction between the main characters. This is an intriguing storyline that reminds me of the movie, Somewhere in Time. Very, very enjoyable!

Click on the cover and buy the book – time travel, romance and wild sex. What more could you want?

Feet. Have you ever really thought about them? I know what you are thinking - Amarinda did not have a topic in mind when she sat down to write her blog so she has picked a topic out of the air and plans to waffle on about it for the next couple of minutes. You just may be correct but just for one moment think about your feet. Where would you be without them? How lucky that some of us have them and yet we take them for granted? I say take them for granted no more. I pay homage to the humble foot.

My feet are flat. It is my understanding that all the best people have flat feet. Would I lie to you on a Monday? Okay yes, I would but the thing is I believe flat feet keep you grounded as more of the surface of you foot is actually touching the ground. I reckon if you looked at all the great thinkers in the world they had flat feet. Just a theory of mine but I am pretty certain it’s true.

Look at Cinderella. Yep, it wasn’t just any foot Prince Charming wanted. It had to fit the glass slipper. See how important feet are? A whole fairytale kingdom could have disappeared if not for Cinderella’s foot. Oh sure, you think it was the whole romance thing. It wasn’t. It was the power of the foot. A woman’s foot can bring down a kingdom.

We all know what they say about a man and the size of his feet. Do you believe it? No of course you don’t because it’s a crock but you still look and wonder don’t you? And what about all those weird foot fetish people? What if there were no feet? What would they fantasize over? Knees? Elbows? Or would they all just have to go into counseling and put an enormous strain on our already over-worked mental heath workers? Think about it, without the foot we are stymied. How would anyone ever know you were angry if you could not stamp you feet or put your foot down? How emotionally repressed would we be? How would the shoe industry cope if tomorrow some weird Day of the Triffids thing happened and we all woke up without feet? There would be mass unemployment.

The things you can you do with feet are endless. You can stand on them, walk, skip and jump with them. You can kick arse with them, dance up a storm and run on them when you need to avoid trouble. I say treat you feet with the respect and dignity they deserve. Those of us that have them should appreciate them.

What will I waffle on with tomorrow? Who knows...

Anny had author interview day on so meander on over and take a squiz. As for Kelly she has the next riveting chapter in the blog serial on
Looking to win some prizes? Author Sam Cheever has put together a group of 13 fantasy and paranormal romance authors and organized a Trick-or-Treat event that starts today. Rush over to her website right away and follow the instructions and join in the fun to win great prizes. One of the great authors taking part in this even is Sandra Cox - Check out her blog But before you rush off anywhere, read an excerpt from her latest best selling novel from Cerridwen Press.

Boji Stones by Sandra Cox

Monitors beeped and clear liquid dripped through an IV into her arm. Her entire body throbbed in pain. She looked around, confused and afraid, nauseated by the smell of alcohol and antiseptic. Where am I? What happened?
The last thing she remembered was a man with the face of an angel and what must be the heart of a demon, swerving his car against hers, his expression determined, fanatical.
He was after the amulet! She looked down at her bare left arm. Oh my God, where was it?
The door opened and a stout black nurse sailed in, much like a majestic ship breasting the water, her white uniform so crisp it rustled as she walked. “And how are we feeling, Miss Sinclair?”
Like every bone in my body is broken, that’s how WE are feeling. “Like I’ve been in a car wreck. Can you tell where my amulet’s at?”
The nurse stopped. “Say what?”
“My bracelet. Please where is it?”
The nurse checked the monitor. “Probably in your bedside table.”
The table sat on the left side of the bed. Maureen Kelly Sinclair looked at her bandaged left arm, her left leg in a sling and then at the table. Pushing back the hysteria welling in her throat, she asked as calmly as she could. “Would you check please?”
“Just as soon as I change your IV.”
The nurse looked up, her eyes narrowing.
Maureen snapped her teeth shut, her jaws working. She took a deep breath and concentrated on relaxing one vertebra at a time.
As the nurse puttered with the IV, Maureen’s mind raced. Who besides herself knew about the amulet?
“The police were here while you were sleeping. They’ll be back later to get your statement.”
Maureen rubbed her aching temple. “I thought I already gave them a statement.”
“You were pretty hysterical at the time. Understandable.” The nurse clucked and shook her head. “What’s this world coming to when a madman runs you off the road? Lucky for you there was an unmarked car directly behind you.”
“My amulet, please.” Her chest tightened and her nerves screamed.
“Sure, hon, I’m almost done.” She straightened the bag, walked around to the table and opened the drawer.
“It’s not here.”

Bloody hell? Where’s the amulet? 'Better buy the book and find out…. How do you buy is? Click on the cover and but the book. Go on, you know you want to…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

AJ, is this your way of hinting you're too stiff today to put on your own shoes and wouldn't mind a prince turning up to help you?

Kelly Kirch said...

AJ and a prince? Are you kidding? The prince had better run and hide and take the damn slippers with him. Glass is a weapon in the wrong hands.

As profound as ever. Only you would write this blog.

Brynn Paulin said...

Heck yeah, I think about feet! Mine are flat too, but I happen to think they have a pretty nice shape.

According to one of the guys I know, it's not the size of the feet, it's the size of the nose... He's a bit of a cock gourmet, so I figure he knows.

Anny Cook said...

After spending 16 weeks with my foot in a cast--in the summer--I have great appreciation for fee and try not to mess mine up any more. Good blog, Amarinda!

Molly Daniels said...

Once again, I'm with Anny...I spent 6 miserable months with an ingrown toenail before I finally admitted 'defeat' and went to the dr to have it surgically removed (the nail, not the toe, ha ha!). I will never take my feet for granted ever again!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Can't help it...I always check out a guy's feet...hands too.

barbara huffert said...

I love hands!

Amarinda Jones said...

no, not looking for a prince and I never pay attention to man's feet. It's all in the eyes

Sam said...

Hate to tell you I have big hands and feet... I wish the rest was true but it's not! :) I do have to admit nothing like a girl in heels though...
OK who has the story today?