Monday, 22 October 2007

Monday, Monday

Thief of Mine

At the reception…

As plates of soup were served, Stella felt movement under the table. Her skirt was suddenly being tugged further up her leg. She looked at Kit Kincaid, who in turn looked back at her innocently. A horrible thought occurred to her. Oh God, he wouldn’t, would he? Stella’s mouth dropped as she felt his hand starting to burrow further under her skirt. Bloody hell! This could and should not be happening. Did the man have no sense of decorum at all?
“Stop it now!” Stella hissed softly at him, as she clutched her soup spoon in one hand and slid her other hand under the table to push his hands away from what she knew was his objective. Although she did not want to create a scene she would.
Kit’s hand slid up the bare flesh of Stella’s thigh seeking and finding the edge of her panties.
“Talk to me, princess,” Kit said sotto voiced, looking like he did not have a care in the world as his hand sought out the hidden, hot prize he knew awaited his touch.
Stella dropped her spoon and grabbed the table edge with one hand as she battled the other that was sliding into her panties.
“I don’t want to talk to you!” Stella returned in a furious whisper. “Stop it now!”
Kit slid his long fingers under the fabric and stroked the soft curls between her legs. He felt Stella tense and heard her strangled gasp. She was soft and wet to the touch. Perfect.
“Agree to meet me outside now and I’ll stop.” He continued to push his way on into the moist folds between her legs, seeking entrance to the core of her.

Oh, dear…what will Stella do?
Dear Amarinda, this is your horoscope for Monday, October 22th:
Scorpio,You will not accept a new task at work but your superior will try to force you. In Love, your beloved will complain because you are not paying enough attention to your partner. Tip: try to be compliant.

It got explained to me today what my problem was. What’s that? Wasn’t I aware that I had a problem? Apparently not and I do so enjoy it when a man decides he needs to tell you what your problem is. Yes, of course, he’s an idiot because he has no idea of the bollicking he is about to receive when he finishes his dissertation on Amarinda Jones. Hey, I know I have faults. I can’t whistle. There are probably others but they are probably only trivial.

Anyway back to the man.

“You are very strong willed Amarinda. That’s intimidating.”

An office full of men is intimidated by one woman?” I asked faking shock even thought I knew it was true – but let’s face it, we women are good at faking it when we have to.

It’s like this Amarinda, when we make a decision and we expect everyone to follow it, not suggest how we can make the decision better or why you think the decision stinks.”

If I can correct you, I believe I said the decision was crap.” (pardon the on)
What was the decision? That the men could use the ladies toilets. Not over this little black duck’s body.

I know there is one of me to ten of you but unless you have a vagina, you are not using the female toilets.” When I mentioned the ‘v’ world several men fell silent. I suspect because it was the closest they were every going to get to one.

Deep sigh. “It would make things easier if we could all share.”

And it would be fine if you all adhered to the same state of hygiene a woman adheres to but as you don’t I will consider this a health and safety issue and take it further.”

I won. Yes, I am a pushy bitch but they know they would be lost without me - my last sick day (Okay I wasn’t sick, I was writing) proved that when they all ran around like headless chooks. Sure, they could sack me and it would not bother me a whit. At the moment until something better comes along, that has the same writing in work time potential, I’ll stick it out as it suits my purposes.
I am strong willed. Yet most women are considered worse when they thwart a man with logic. You are considered a ball breaking bitch. Yes, I am – get over it. I don’t hate men, on the contrary, but I just can’t see the point of the ones I work with. I am sure someone loves them though…their mothers or their pet goldfish.

So, you’ve noticed the pictures of strong women? No, I am sure they did not have to fight over access to the ladies loos but they are women that we should admire and aspire to be like. The quiet, confidence of Eleanor Roosevelt as she directed the US President, the guts and arrogance of Elizabeth the 1st as she held power over Britain in a dangerous time and where would Kermit be without Miss Piggy? In the swamp and he knows it.

I think too many women worry about what a man will think of them. Sure, lots of men won’t like you but they probably weren’t going to like you anyway. Besides, who wants a weak man?

Last Man Standing
Sequel to Swift of Heart

Present Day in the Dimension of Melotia

“I am not the father.”
The words were cold and harsh to hear and even harder to speak. But it was all Alex Navarro could say when he stopped dead in his tracks and he saw her. Amy Hart. The shock of seeing her so suddenly gripped him like a vice and squeezed at his heart. This was the woman who had haunted his dreams for the last six months. The woman no other could ever compare with in his heart and mind. The same woman, who now stood before him, momentarily flinching as if his words had stung her. But it was only for a moment, for as his eyes locked with hers he knew once again Amy Hart had raised her invisible shields against him allowing nothing to touch her emotionally.

Alex looked down again at swelling of her stomach. He was not sure which emotion gripped him the most—shock, delight or just plain anger at not knowing of her condition. Amy Hart was pregnant. She was standing before him looking so damn vulnerable and so incredibly beautiful that it made him feel so many things he had denied ever wanting to feel again. Love, longing and forever. The one word that came catapulting into his mind was ‘mine’. It had never been any different. Such was her effect on him. Alex Navarro wanted Amy Hart. Yet he could never have her. He knew he would be her downfall. He could not risk either the woman he loved or his child. Alex had to deny his heart.

What does Alex do? And more to the point what will Amy allow him to do?
What are Kelly and Anny doing you ask? Good question. Anny is interviewing author Jacqueline Roth on a www.annycook/ Kelly has the blog serial today on Watch out for the mystical talking dragon.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

It's also a matter of a woman's privacy. Just cause they aren't getting any doesn't mean they can look at yours or that you want to be in the lou looking at theirs. We've all SMELLED a man's bathroom. Really. Did they think, really think, you'd let that slide? They are idiots. Well done, AJ. I'm so proud to know you.

Anny Cook said...

Go, AJ! Also love your choices for strong women, especially Miss Piggy. Loved those two books. Ummmm. Yummy.

Molly Daniels said...

Why do they need a second bathroom amyway? If all the urinals are taken, they can pee outside!

Now I really want to read LMS and TOM...

barbara huffert said...

Do the men you work with actually know any other women besides you? Share your bathroom...what were they thinking!

Sam said...

I like a girl with balls!!!!
Have a nice one...
By the way who has the story today??

Amarinda Jones said...

Kelly had the story on www/

Sandra Cox said...

Share a bathroom with men? Ick!
You go girlfriend.