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Go ahead, read a know you want to...

I will give you a break from the world according to Amarinda. That’s right, no pontificating today. Monday I will be back to waffle on as usual. It’s Sunday and a good day to relax and read a book. What’s that? Nothing to read? Come on. There are heaps of great books on either the Ellora’s Cave, Cerridwen Press or the Total-e-Bound sites. I have three fabulous ones listed below. Yes, one of them belongs to me. If I do not love myself, how can others? So sit back and relax and read three hot excerpts. Be warned, these excerpts contain French (swearing) and gymnastic contortions (sex). If you don’t like being multi-lingual and if exercise isn’t your thing then check out my Saturday blog for more books. And remember, when you are looking for something to read, check out all the great blogs on the left-hand side of this page. The blog serial returns to Monday with Kelly. For the last toothy installment, go check out with Anny.

Warning – language and sexual references…take your heart pills if you need ‘em.

Thief of Mine – by the Jones girl – what happens in the photo booth stays in the photo booth. Click on the cover to buy the book

“You were turned on by that?” His fingers tugging in her nipple were certainly increasing the pool of moisture between her legs.
“Yeah I was.” He stopped, leant down and licked one of her nipples. Stella moaned out loud. “I want you.”
Stella pulled Kit’s head to his breasts and urged him to suck her.
“Here? Now? Where?” Forget modesty and pretence. She wanted him.
Kit took his mouth off one of her pink wet nipples with a pop, making it bounce. He looked around him. He saw the sign for the ladies rest room. “Come on, princess.” He spied a male cleaner nearby. “I’ll give you a hundred dollars cash to close the restroom down now.”
The male, forty-year-old cleaner locked eyes on Stella’s swollen naked breasts.
“You want a place to fuck her?”
“Well?” At that moment, Kit would happily give a thousand dollars to be wet, hot and tight inside Stella for five minutes.
The man’s eyes remained on Stella’s breasts.
“No money man, I just want to watch.”
The thought of someone watching them made Stella hotter than she could imagine possible. She licked her lips and looked at Kit.
Kit looked at her and smiled. She was turned on. Kit didn’t care who watched him.
“Do you want him to watch as I fuck you, princess?” He caressed her breasts softly.
Stella licked her lips in thought. She should say no and be ashamed for even thinking of the possibility of another watching them. It was not right. A good girl would say no and be appalled that man would even ask her. It was immoral and wrong. But the overwhelming urge to be bad and have red hot sex with Kit in front of a stranger was overwhelming.
“Yes…” Stella hissed softly, her eyes locked with Kit’s.
Kit pulled her close and kissed her thoroughly. He would have done anything for Stella at that moment.
The cleaner excitedly grabbed a nearby yellow safety cone and pushed open the door to the ladies room.
“She’s got to be completely naked.” He pushed his trolley inside.
“Done, “Kit told the man. “This is going to be good, princess.” He pushed Stella into the ladies room. The sign went up and all three people were inside the generic white tiled bathroom.
“You heard the man he wants you naked and so do I.”
There was so much that was morally wrong about this but so much that was carnally right. Stella unbuckled her jeans and slid them to the floor. The two men watching drank in the pale beauty of her legs.
“I want her underwear,” the man said hoarsely his attention riveted to the red scrap of lace between her legs.
“Give it to him.” Kit watched as Stella kicked off her shoes and slid out of her panties. She bent down to remove them.
Stella walked over to the man and handed the scrap of lace to him. She felt wild and out of control but she did not care.
“I want her to touch herself.” The man ordered his voice hoarse.
Stella felt like she was going to explode. This was one of the most erotic things she had ever done. She was under the control and orders of two men. It was like one of her fantasies coming to life. She wanted to be out of control and being told what to do. Stella looked at Kit. She could see the definite bulge in his trousers. She wanted him to order her to do it. She would do anything for him at that moment.
Kit sensed that Stella wanted to be under anyone’s control but her own. The though of ordering her to be bad made his cock harder than he thought it possible be.
“Touch that sweet clit of yours, princess. We want to see how much pleasure you can give yourself. Let yourself go.”
…..and then they either all sit down and play a round of cards or other stuff happens….

Between a Rock and a Hard-on – by Cindy Spencer Page (I love this title and cover) Click on the cover to buy

He couldn’t fucking believe it!
One of the most sacred nights of the pagan calendar and his boss was making him hang out at a party. Not that he was particularly religious, but his sister Dana was going to tear a strip off his hide if he missed her coven’s ritual tonight, after he’d promised to be there. Besides, this was a children’s party and Bram wasn’t all that comfortable around children. And let’s not even think about the fact that if any of his brethren saw him standing here in a hotel ballroom, passing out candy in a black acetate cape and cheesy plastic fangs, he’d never hear the end of it.
“You’re not Dracula!” One tow headed boy of about six, who smelled strongly of sugar and candy-maker’s wax tugged hard on Bram’s cloak.
“No, I’m not.” Bram’s voice was slurred by the fake fangs. “He gets invited to much better parties on Halloween. I’m the low-budget version. A second-cousin on his mother’s side.” He pushed just enough genuine power into his words to make the boy’s eyes go wide. Nodding as if that answer made perfect sense, the kid took the candy bar Bram held out to him, then scuttled off to the next station.
“That wasn’t very nice.” The voice in Bram’s ear didn’t have a body to go with it, so Bram knew who it had to be. There was only one ghost on the team of paranormal enforcers the mayor had put together.
“Hey, Frank.” Bram gave a grim smile to another group of approaching youngsters. “How come his honor doesn’t have you doling out goodies?”
“There’s the small matter of my hands—not to mention the rest of me—being incorporeal,” Frank reminded him. “Actually he had me stationed in his pathetic excuse for a haunted house. Fortuitously all of the urchins have now completed that portion of the entertainment.”
Bram laughed. Trust Mayor Pendleton to have a real ghost working the haunted house at his Halloween party for underprivileged kids. He passed out treats to the three kids in the next batch, then spoke to Frank again. “Yeah, well this part better finish up pretty quickly. I’ve got places to be tonight.”
“Ooh, a hot date? Do tell?” He could hear the envy in the ghost’s disembodied voice. “I remember those.”
Poor Frank. Bram decided to take pity on him and tell him the truth. “Nah, not a date. I’ve got a Samhain ritual I promised to attend.” His tongue tripped over the plastic fangs and he damn near drooled. Uggh! Enough! He surreptitiously spat the stupid things out into his hand and shoved them in the back pocket of his black chinos, then allowed his own canine teeth to lengthen. To hell with the mayor’s better ideas!
Another group approached, made up of a bunch of littler kids this time, shepherded around by a grown-up. Bram had to look twice to figure that out, she wasn’t much taller than the kids, but judging by the generous rack that filled the front of her cheap black witch’s outfit, she was an adult. One more look had Bram adjusting the damn cape to hide the sudden hard-on that had sprung up in his pants. Oh, yeah, definitely a grown-up! But the mayor had screwed up when he’d dressed her as a witch instead of a fairy princess. Long platinum-blonde curls tumbled out from the pointed cardboard hat. She had big, slightly tilted green eyes and plump, glossy lips that would look just right wrapped around his cock. He only hoped none of the kids she was wrangling were hers.
“Trick or treat!” Five of the kids chorused the refrain, but one small one began to whimper and point at Bram. He felt a frisson of power and cursed mentally. That kid was a damn wizard, or would be one day. Unfortunately His Honor seemed to have forgotten that kids with magic could usually see through the fa├žade of humanity that Bram wore on a daily basis.
“Don’t cry, sweetie, he’s just a pretend vampire.” The ersatz witch picked up the sniffling toddler and cuddled him close, while Bram passed out goodies to the others.
“Here’s one for the little guy.” He held out a lollipop to the woman, as the teary-eyed urchin hid his face in her generous cleavage. Lucky kid! Privately, Bram thought the tyke had already gotten the best treat in the place. Bram would happily trade every last piece of candy in Philadelphia for the chance to bury his face between those breasts.
“Thanks.” Her voice was soft and breathy and her bright green eyes twinkled as she grinned at Bram. A human wouldn’t have been able to discern color in this half-light, but Bram had excellent dark vision. “Sorry about Kevin.”
She reached up to pluck the candy from his hand and just for a second, their fingers touched. And where they did, they burned. Just a momentary flare of heat, but it was like nothing Bram had ever felt before. If he’d thought he had a hard-on before, now he was going to have trouble walking, his body was so stiff. He actually felt dizzy for an instant as all the blood left his brain. She pulled her hand away like it was burning, so she must have felt it too. It wasn’t just a shock of static electricity, it was magic…

Traveller’s Refuge – by Anny Cook – what’s not to love about blue people? Click on the cover to buy the book.

For several days, Trav apathetically accepted whatever his caretakers offered. His bones were beginning to knit together and they no longer ached like fire. Llyon had healed his internal injuries to the point that he was no longer in danger of dying. But he barely cared whether he lived or died. These people were strange beyond comprehension. They fed him odd food, offered strange treatments and refused to answer his questions. He’d kind of gotten used to the company of Wrenna who turned out to be a tiny red haired woman but she’d been gone for a week without even saying good-bye. When he asked about her, somebody just mumbled something about mid-summer. He closed his eyes to shut out the alien surroundings.

Just as he was drifting into the more comfortable landscape of his dreams, his petite companion came in and began removing his bedding. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked angrily as she whipped off the sheet he clutched in his weak grasp, leaving him naked.

Wrenna fought back a smile. “Dai and Llyon say it’s time to start exercising those muscles,” she replied briskly, completely ignoring his state of undress.

“Get out! Leave me alone! Can’t you see I don’t have any clothes on?”

She stopped what she was doing and gave him a very slow, thorough inspection from head to toe. He’d lost some weight but he still had a fine set of muscles, especially that thick cock between his legs. “Very nice. Too bad it doesn’t work,” she lamented, ignoring the slow wet curl of heat centered between her damp thighs. He certainly was a beautiful man.

He rolled over, turning away from her gaze, unmindful that he now presented her with an interesting new vista for inspection. “Get out now!”

She watched his taut butt clench and twitch. Oh, yeah, he needed to get well in a hurry! “When you can get out of that bed and make me leave, you will be able to make the decisions. Until then, we will have the exercises,” she stated firmly. “Do you wish to start on your stomach or your back?” Her fingers were itching to touch him anywhere at all.

Like a small sulky child, he refused to answer, so she decided to begin just as he was. After gathering up his beautiful light auburn hair in a single braid, she pulled it to the side, resolving to wash it for him later in the week. Removing her meerlim to keep it from getting stained by the quoltania oil, she climbed up on the gently swinging bed and carefully straddled his waist. Pouring a small amount of warm oil in the palm of her hand, she proceeded to smooth it over his back, massaging it in slow soothing motions. Touching him almost became a hypnotic exercise. Her breasts swelled and ached for his touch as her nipples crinkled into tight little nubs. When she was done with his back, she moved on down his body, rubbing her wet pussy over the rise of his ass until she straddled his hard legs. Her breasts brushed against him as she bent over him, working the oil into the curves of his butt, smoothing the long tight muscles in his legs, one taut section at a time, until she finished at his feet. Drawing a deep breath in preparation, she patted his butt and directed, “Time to turn over now.”

Traveller had been slowly realizing that all this slow, sensual rubbing of his body by a naked woman was giving him the hard-on from hell. Her damp pussy slithering down his back had nearly given him a heart attack. Damned if he was going to roll over, waving his cock in the air! “I don’t think so sweetheart. Just leave me like this!”

“I told you the rules. Until you can enforce what you want, we will do things my way. Turn over!” Sternly, she controlled her expression, well aware of his state.

Alright! He thought. Let’s see how she deals with a hard cock! Rolling onto his back, he sprawled with his legs spread out and his cock and balls on clear display. He was unprepared for what he saw. Wrenna knelt at his feet stark naked and obviously aroused by her ministrations.

Wrenna! Are you trying to kill me? he demanded soundlessly.

She tilted her head and stared back at him with a slight smile. Just remember it goes both ways. Completely ignoring his bobbing erection with heroic will power, Wrenna crawled up next to his ribcage. She straddled his waist and began massaging his chest, lingering over the smooth muscles and savoring touching his skin. Skating lightly over his hard pointed nipples, resisting the urge to take them in her mouth, she moved down to his belly, and allowed the soft silky petals of her pussy to close around his velvety cock. He groaned and reached for her taut pert nipples and gently tweaked them. After a few minutes she sighed regretfully and moved on down his sore legs carefully massaging the tight muscles all the way to his feet. By the time she finished, he was drowsily sliding toward sleep, even though his cock was as hard as rock. She stared at his cock with longing, her mouth watering with desire. Silky cream slid from her pussy, dampening her thighs.

He heard the rustle of the sheet, then the soft sensation of it sliding up his legs. Suddenly, he felt a warm wet mouth engulf his penis, suckling it gently and he was shocked wide awake. Her tongue curled around the sensitive crown and then with agonizing slowness, she released him, placed a soft kiss on the head, covered him, slipped down from the high bed, grabbed her meerlim and walked away.

“What the hell was that?” he yelled after her.

She poked her bright head around the door, gave him a sweet smile and said, “A reward for cooperating. I’ll be back to see you tomorrow.” And then she wondered if she was going to die from frustration before he was on his feet. There was no question in her mind or body. He was her bond-mate.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


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