Monday, 8 October 2007

The seven deadly sins and why I believe you should do at least four of them…

I have never really understood why the seven deadly sins are so bad. Says who? Who made the list? And was the person who decided what was evil so perfect and pure? If so they were boring and missed out on a lot of fun. This is how I see the seven deadly sins. I am personally going to continue doing one to five with the occasional six. As for seven, I don’t believe in envy.

1. Lust – is good. It takes so many forms. You see the man of your dreams and you want him. Have him, enjoy him. You pass a shop window. You see them. The most beautiful pair of shoes. You salivate. Can you afford them? Yes. Get them for you deserve a treat. Lust is good. Lust is life. Go out and get some today.

2. Greed – to me there are varying scales of greed. The all out I must conquer all at the expense of others is wrong. However sometimes just wanting more from life is considered greedy. Why? People should dream big and aim high. Greed is good as long as you do it for the right reasons.

3. Sloth – okay doing stuff all and being a slob is not on. Taking the weekend off to veg out with a book and watch TV to relax is a type of sloth that I think is okay. It’s a good to slump on the sofa with a glass of plonk and zone out for a while.

4. Wrath – I personally love wrath. I do it very well. There is nothing like venting one’s spleen when you are pissed off. It’s cathartic and I say wrath is not a sin if it’s done well. So consider wrath. A good stoush with someone or letting off steam clears the air and your sinuses.

5. Pride - I don’t get why pride is bad. We should be proud of ourselves and our achievements as well as that of our family and friends. Good self esteem and confidence are important. They get you through life. I once failed a high school assignment on a book called Johnny Tremain – (anyone read that?) because at 13 I would not agree pride was a bad thing. We should encourage pride not consider it a failing.

6. Gluttony – Who hasn’t over indulged on Tim Tams? Or, drunk the whole bottle of wine as to leave some would be wasteful? Yes, yes, I know what you are saying – bad Amarinda. And you are possibly rightish. Gluttony at the expense of others is wrong. But that odd Tim Tam blow out is okay in my books.

7. Envy – I don’t envy anyone. Why should I? I love me and I consider myself pretty damn good. Sure I could be like others and be thinner, prettier, smarter, nicer but then I wouldn’t be me. Envy? I don’t have time for it.

So I have made my own list of what I consider sins.

Bigotry – who is so perfect that they can pick faults with others because they are different?

War – are we ever going to stop fighting over land and religion? We need to get a worldwide collective grip and just live without bickering over differences.

Apathy – If we don’t care about anything that happens then how can we expect things to get better?

Ignorance – pretending not to see does not absolve anyone of guilt.

Bad manners – what the hell happened to please and thank you and excuse me?

Lack of responsibility – It’s not my fault. Then whose is it when no one is to blame?

Body odour – please use bloody deodorant.

So ends the sermon. In lieu of a collection plate please donate to your nearest Cancer research appeal. Some addresses are listed below. Let’s give back some of our good luck to others who need it. Don't say I'll do it next week. Do it today and karma will smile on you...would I lie?

Kelly has the continuation of the blog serial tomorrow on What revelations! Go and check it out. Author Teri Thackston is on Anny's blog today talking about her latest book. Check it out on
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Kelly Kirch said...

I especially like that last one. I hate body odor. Bad breath, stinky feet, pit wafting, aaaack! I can understand the occassional bad breath moment, but a)don't get in my face and 2) if occassionally is all the time, go see a dentist for help, and iii) don't expect me to smile at you without a grimace.

Great exchanges made to the list AJ. I'm in full agreement. As I am perfect in every way, it's good to give the rest of the world something to strive toward. *wink*

anny cook said...

Excellent lists and recommendations -- much better than my ideas! Although the one about the nose had possibilities.

Molly Daniels said...

Too bad body oder was the norm in biblical times:) It certainly tops my list!

I also hate knuckle cracking.

Kelly Kirch said...

Nose picking. You're driving along and suddenly you see someone digging for gold. I swear. That is nasty!

Caffey said...

Hi Janet, those that you came up with are probably the ones someone always wanted to speak up about! I usually don't say the negative, instead sticking with all thats when you spoke of people who are different, it doesn't mean 'bad' as most look at it.

Hey, even a dollar makes a difference, I guarantee you'd feel better after doing it and others on the other side receiving it will too.


Caffey said...

Amarinda, this too your book out today? I've haven't had the joy to read you yet.

Barbara said...

Definitely with you here. Especially on war. Differences are what makes us interesting. They should be celebrated, not annihilated.

Sandra Cox said...

Loved it:)

Amarinda Jones said...

G'day Caffey, no that book is out 31st October for Halloween. It's spooky. The book on yesterday's blog by Barbara Huffert is out now and it is an excellent read