Friday, 9 November 2007

Friday - thank whomever it is over

Last Man Standing – review….see, I can be sweet…

OH MY!! LAST MAN STANDING was as well-timed and impressive a plot as today’s newspaper main attraction. The thin ribbon of suspense helped to formulate a great surprise ending. And, what a surprise ending! I didn’t see it coming! It hit me like a ton of bricks.

Janet Davies has a unique talent for crafting dialogue and creating characters with genuine conscience about today's problems that I like reading about. Alex could charm my socks off with his wonderful conversation any time. Amy not only had humor but coolness under fire that will surely have readers anticipating her next move. So sweet yet, all it took was one small incident to conceive an acceptable relationship so hot between two beautiful people that this reader could never overlook. Relish in it -- I did. .

Thanks to Wanda at Romance Studio

Friday – hallelujah and pass the gin!

Today at work….

- the server was not working so no work could be done. Damn shame that. I advocated immediately going home. This was met with “be serious Amarinda.” I was - deadly serious…see how boring these men are?
- watched headless chook procession as they ran around trying to work out what was wrong with server. I waited an hour then suggested they ring the IT guys who looked after the server. They did and it was fixed in minutes…fancy that
- two hours later big electrical bang and orange flash – men rushed into to play with live power. I suggested that it might be an idea if they turn power off before playing with it. Men not electrocuted. I went back to writing my book as for some reason word not affected…excellent.
- 1 hour later computer back on
- 30 minutes later computers back off
- On
- Off – you get the picture – this happened all day long…
- Got emergency email from Ethel – “help me cheat”. Let me explain. Ethel and I cheat if it suits our purposes…yes, shocking, I know. However a year or more ago, I did a test with an employment agency. They emailed me the results. Whenever Ethel and I have been asked for employment test results we have been ‘adjusting’ these results ever since. I discovered how to do it and now if a job asks us if we have previous test results we bodgie the ones I have accordingly. I am very good at it. Ethel sucks at it. So she sent ‘our test results’ to me and said ‘make me look good' To do this I need to know what job she is going for and manipulate the results accordingly. I expect one day I will feel bad about it but until then, I will manipulate results as requested.
- I work with musicians in my job. One rang me – very drunk and told me he loved me. I said 'you are legless.' He said yes and ‘anyone can have me.’ I said “Mick who wants you mate?” That’s when he said he loved me as I always ‘tell him off’ when he is ‘acting like a dipstick.’ That’s my job.
- Next Monday and Tuesday I am sick…how do I know? It’s just a psychic feeling I have…

On Kelly left us with…..

Ethelred, leapt forward to save Zoltan, trying just this once to be Ethelred the Ready. Instead he tripped on his feet. His arms flailed. His palm shoved the fine edge of the blade inward, bisecting Zoltan's adam's apple in two. Zoltan crumpled to the floor on top of the apologetic king.

"Well, crap. There goes another husband." Emmeline gave a few moments to consider, then shrugged and wiped the blade on her braes. "Look, king, I don't have time to waste with a burial, so how 'bout you tidy up this mess you made."

"Aye warrioress. But what of this?" He pointed to Zoltan's turban. "It is of fine making and wouldst be a treasured weave for my favored concubine."

"Sure, take it." Stepping over Zoltan's limp form, Emmeline unlatched his amulet necklace. She gave it a rub. Three times counter clockwise, twice clockwise, and a series of taps she'd seen Zoltan use before. A vortex opened before her. Ever confident, she strode into the beckoning light.

Hmmm, Zoltan, my creation dead? I think not…

…and crashed face first into an invisible force field. “Bugger.” Emmeline swore as her nose took the impact of the sudden rock hard barrier. She stiffened as she felt movement behind her.

“Emmie, Emmie, Emmie,” Zoltan’s growled softly.

“What? What? What?” She turned to look at her husband. The gash on his neck, that would have killed a normal man, was but a paper cut to Zoltan. “This being immortal thing of yours is quite annoying at times.”

“I know.” Zoltan smiled as he jumped up. “I like pissing you off.” He reached for her hand. “Let’s get out of here wife of mine.”

Emmeline sighed tiredly. She knew the only way to kill Zoltan was to kill herself. They were linked by a common bond. “Can’t you just leave me be?”

“That would be no fun for me.” He pulled her to him and uttered the magic words. “Bingo, bango, bongo, I wish to visit the Congo.”

“Not the frigging Congo again,” Emmeline wailed as she was locked in Zoltan’s arms as they spun through time. When they finally stopped spinning, they landed in a heap. “Crap! It’s freezing!”

“This is not the Congo.” Zoltan looked around at the massed blue-white ice. “We’re in the Artic.”

“Oh way to go wizard boy.” Emmeline scrambled to her feet and wrapped her arms around her body as she shivered.

Suddenly a deep, howling reverberated off the ice.

“Uh oh,” Zoltan murmured, looking around warily.

“Uh oh doesn’t sound good.”

“It’s not. We’re in deep trouble. That’s a yowie and it wants blood.”

Oh dear, oh dear? What is a Yowie? Is it a figment of my imagination or an Aussie beastie? Whatever will Anny do with it? Give it a nipple ring? Check out tomorrow for the next riveting episode. Kelly has multi-talented author Sandra Cox on And, as always the writer blogs to the left are ones that I read on a regular basis as these writers dazzle, amaze and intrigue me. Okay, that’s enough sucking up.

There will be no blog Saturday as I venture west into the – gasp – country. I am a city girl at heart so heading west will probably give me a nose bleed and an arm cramp but it’s one of things that must be done. I will be back Sunday to waffle on as usual.

Freedom – what does it mean to you? Please read the message below from Claire Siemaszkiewicz Managing Director Total-e-Bound Publishing - and remember freedom has a price.

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
November is poppy month, the time of the year when we wear a red poppy in memory of those who laid
down their lives for our sakes.

As Remembrance Sunday approaches, to pay tribute to our brave soldiers and those they’ve left behind, Total-e-Bound release our tribute anthology.

Total-e-bound wanted to do something to show our own real brave warriors—who fight to defend us and their countries every day—just how much their bravery means to us.

Being an ex-army wife myself, and having been brought up with the forces as a child, I know what it’s like for the families when the soldiers go off to war. The pain, emotion and worry those families endure, never knowing if their loved ones will come home.

I also know of their strength and courage in the face of adversity, and I know just how much the forces wives band together to create a solid and structured support network for each other, the likes of which you just don’t get in civilian life. But for sadly far too many, the pain and hardship goes on way beyond the scope of support networks and memorial parades, news reports and flag waving. As the years pass and the world moves on—news reports become historical texts. Memories fade for many but for some the pain is silent and deep, very real and enduring.

A forces life is not an easy one for the families waiting back home, but they are the backbone—the glue that holds it all together.

So for this anthology, we wanted to give something back. Give something to the wives and families who endure and who have loved and lost.

Total-e-Bound’s profits from this anthology will be going to Forces Benevolent Funds to support and help those families who have lost their husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, in the recent conflicts.

Remember to wear your poppy with pride.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Dakota Rebel said...

Well, I hope you enjoy being sick next week. I think I am going to get food poisoning on Sunday. I have already alerted my boss. She laughed as if I were kidding. Go figure.


Molly Daniels said...

Great review, AJ:) Took a squiz at my list, and I'll be buying it in about 3 weeks...gotta give the other brilliant authors their royalties too:)

Aren't men stupid when their electronic toys short-circuit?

Enjoy your weekend:) Will it be 'Montezuma's Revenge', ha ha?

Brynn Paulin said...

I love your cover for Last Man Standing! Have a good time being sick next week. I hope your sickness is way better than mine.

Anny Cook said...

Excellent review! I'm so proud of Alex! Yes, yes, I know he isn't real. You keep telling me so.

Now about this yowie... I just don't know what to say. Yep, I'm speechless, temporarily.

Uh, moving on to the poppies. I remember very well wearing a poppy to school. Sadly, it seems to have faded here in the states. But Veterans Day as it's called here should be remembered by all.

ENJOY your weekend.

Kelly Kirch said...

I don't know, Anny, I like the nipple piercing idea. You could add some weights ala Chrysanthemum or um, bar bells.

AJ, even musicians need a spanking every now and again. I reckon "Mick" was due. It's the dom vibe you give off by not taking crap.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Congrats on the awesome review - check out yer badass self!!!

Sandra Cox said...

Great review, Janet!