Wednesday, 14 November 2007

The Wednesday Interview

This week’s brilliant author is multi-published Bronwyn Green with one of her latest books, Ronan’s Grail. Lickable chest alert on this cover. Next week Molly Daniels joins us with her new release Love Finds A Way.

Ronan’s Grail - The Blurb

Six of Wands in the Torrid Tarot Series

Ronan, bastard son of Lancelot of the Lake and last of King Arthur's knights, has been charged with a quest -- find the Holy Grail. Merlin sends him forward in time to seek the relic, promising he'll know the keeper of the grail by a sigil. If he fails all is lost.

Morgan Foster bears the magical symbol in the form of an ill-conceived tattoo but has no idea what to make of this hot, possibly crazy man who lays siege to her body and heart.

Timeless magic and breathless passion bring them together, but is their love strong enough to survive when the battles of the past rip their fragile future apart?

For Mama—if not for your bedtime stories of King Arthur and Athena and Arachne, not to mention the wildly inappropriate lullabies, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. You mommed me good.

I’d also like to thank Brynn, Lacey and Carol—you guys keep me sane. Thank you to my critique group—Chel, Jen, Mary, Cheryl and Marti – you guys rock! Thank you also to my wonderful editor Helen, and to Matt, Mom, Cait, Manda, Margaret, Julie, Roxanne, Shannon and Kim—I’m so lucky to have you all in my life.

The Interview

1. You have some sizzling sex scenes in your book. How hard is it to write sex and make it convincing?

I don’t usually have a problem writing sex scenes, because the encounters evolve from the characters and their situations. I think convincing sex needs to be based in convincing emotions. If there’s no emotional connection for the characters there’s none for the readers and at that point, I might as well be writing porn.

2. Romance and the condom. How hard do you find to slip it in or on when the action is hot between characters?

It depends on the story, time period and characters. It’s obviously far more difficult in fantasy and historical stories than contemporary, but most of the time I find it a giant pain in the bum. My feeling is that I’m writing fantasies for adults, who if they’re smart enough to download a book and read it, they’re smart enough to use condoms in real life. But, that said, if it makes sense for the characters, I’m more than happy to provide protection for them.

3. Do you think romance just happens or do you make your characters work for it?

They have to work for it. If there’s no struggle or conflict then the story isn’t interesting. Who wants to read about Mr. Perfect meets Ms. Flawless and their special, special life?

4. What is it about your hero that makes him irresistible to women?

Well, he’s hot, smart (stupid…so not a turn on) completely taken with the heroine – even when she drives him batty. He’s strong – emotionally and physically and he’d lay his life to save his woman. What’s not to love?

5. Do you think readers want to escape or do they want to identify with a character?

Yes. I think readers want both. It can be difficult for readers to escape if they can’t indentify – at least somewhat – with a character. For instance, I find that I can’t completely lose myself in a book if the heroine is an idiot or nauseatingly sweet and simpering. The same goes for a hero who’s a complete asshat with no redeeming qualities. Even if he’s all-alpha all the time, he has to have some hints of vulnerability or kindness that the heroine can see that makes him attractive to both her and the reader. Wait…what was the question again?

6. What do you think is the most important thing to remember when writing romance?

Emotion, emotion, emotion – as a reader, I want to know what a character is thinking and feeling. Without that in depth connection, the romance falls flat.

7. What are you working on now?

Guardian’s Challenge which is the sequel to Overlord’s Vessel fir EC and Solstice Seduction and Moonlit Magic for TEB.

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Last week’s Brilliant Author – Brynn Paulin and All Chained Up

Did you see Anny’s take on the blog serial on I just knew she would have to pierce something some time. On Kelly is still paying penance for chopping the map of Australia in two. What riveting Aussie fact does she have for us today or did she pike out?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Brynn Paulin said...

Bronwyn - you nailed the emotions. Congrats on the new book!!

Amarinda - 1 week? She cut Australia in two. Surely that's a 2 week offense. One for each half. (Love ya Kelly)

Anny Cook said...

Excellent interview. Excellent books. Love King Arthur...

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Amarinda, thanks so much for the interview and featuring the book. I really appreciate it.

OOPS, looks like I accidentally sent you the dedication when I sent the blurb - sorry.

Molly Daniels said...

Okay, and I have nearly identical answers for week everyone's going to think I'm a copy-cat, ha ha:) Good thing you and I don't live in the same state:)

Seriously though, this one sounds great, and it's already on The List.

Kelly Kirch said...

I read it and it is FABULOUS! I loved this book, Bron. Brynn, you are soooooooo battered and fried! Don't give her any ideas. AHI (Aussie Halving Incident) is nearly repaid.

Sandra Cox said...

Excellent interview. Looks like a good read.