Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Get real...

I was talking to my blog mates – Anny and Kelly – today and we were discussing various things from wastefulness, to appreciating what you have in life, to how important it is to grow up knowing that the world will not be handed to you just because you want it. Anyway, I was saying how one of the best birthday presents I got as a kid, and still have, was a second hand book called Eloise. Anyone remember Eloise? To my mind, she was and still is a classic. She was this pain in the arse kid who lived at the Plaza Hotel with her Nanny and Skipperdee her pet turtle. Her parents always seemed to be travelling and they were never seen to my knowledge. I love Eloise because it is a book about being who you are. Yeah, she was annoying and pissed people off but she remained true to herself. She also knew no class or race barriers. Sure she lived at the elegance of the Plaza Hotel but she mixed with everyone she met regardless of what strata of society they came from. As a kid I loved Eloise because she was a ratbag. As an adult I think we all need to have a little free spirited – I am who I am – feeling about us. Eloise was an individual. We seem to be losing the need to be unique as we dress, look and think alike. Go buy an Eloise book, sit down and read it and see what I mean. The kid is a piece of work but she always remained gracious and true to herself.

Today as I was driving to work I saw this arse plastered on the back of a bus. What’s that you say? It was a huge poster of a woman with ridiculously long legs and she was wearing a skimpy pair of underwear. What was it advertising? A movie. Okay, sure you would probably get immature men going to see it on that fact that they would believe women like this would exist and that one of them would be interested in them. I call theses dreamers in need of a reality check. I wonder do the makers of the movie want women to attend? As a woman I thought the large advert of a half naked, impossibly perfect women was crass and tacky. I would not go and see it on that reason alone. Then add in the fact that no real woman had legs that perfect, no cellulite or an arse like that. When are advertisers going to stop perpetuating this myth that women look this way? We have lumps and bumps. That’s what makes us women. No wonder there are so many women who starve themselves or have low self esteem because they are not what is considered ‘beautiful’. If plastic, airbrushed women are the ideal then I am happy to be considered ‘unideal.’ I love me and I refuse to accept what male advertisers try to push as perfection. Pull your heads out of your backsides and get real boys.

On Kelly left us with……

Dai grew an additional five feet. Yellow quills jutted from his spine, clacking as they formed. Fangs and ears lost their points and the blue tinge to his skin turned golden. Emmeline was struck with his sheer beauty. "I've never been one for older men, but daaaaaaaaaang!"

Dai sent her an exaggerated wink. "I was sick of being the third wheel in that marriage anyway. Wanna hook up, tall and lovely?"

Well of course I am not going there…I’m going with…

“What a load of crap,” Matilda Smith muttered as she walked out on the movie “Pierce My Quills.” The night air was cool as she made her way to her car. “I cannot believe I wasted ten dollars on that. Frigging quilled women and little blue men.”

“Got a light lady?” A husky voice asked.


“Give me all your money then.”

Yep this is exactly what I need after work – wanker. “Bugger off”

“I have a knife.”

Matilda looked at it gleaming in the moonlight. “That’s a butter knife – ooh so scared,” she mocked.

“Got a problem?” A man in a red cape appeared beside her.

“Nothing that a Zorro wannabe can help me with.” Lucky me tonight.

“I am the Red Ranger.

“Listen up Red - go play with butter knife boy and leave me alone. There is a bottle of wine with my name on it calling me home.” She unlocked car. The man with the butter knife dashed forward and held it to her throat. Matilda stamped her three inch spiked heels into his foot. The man howled in pain.

“I will save you.” The Red Ranger waved his hand once and the assailant disappeared in a puff of red smoke. “I am your destiny Matilda Smith.”

“Of course you are.” Freaking nutcase.

“Remember that vow you made last week?” The Red Ranger saw the surprise in her eyes. “I am here to make sure you keep it.”

Holy Crap! How did he know? How could she ever fulfil that vow?

“You mean I have to …”

Hmmm…what is the vow? I have no bloody idea and I wrote that. Maybe Anny will know tomorrow on

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Anny Cook said...

The Red Ranger, eh? Hmmmm. That has possibilities. I read the Eloise books. The made them into a movie or two, also. As I recal, there were no long legs in them with naked behinds.

See, that's what we need. More movies about Eloise.

Brynn Paulin said...

They'll stop pushing it when people, even women, stop believing it. Looked at Cosmo lately? Blech!

JacquƩline_Roth said...

What astonishes me more than that the advertising agencies use this sort of crap is that it works. WE, women, buy into it right along with the men. What if we looked at the men in the world and laughed and said, "Get real, dude." Eventually those images would fade away.

But I think you hit part of it on the head. Men, for some reason think they are going to get that girl. A friend of mine once said something I wanted to slap him for, but it's true. He said, "Men and women will never be equal until women can walk down the street with a beer belly, bald head and hairy legs thinking, 'Damn I'm sexy!"

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm with Jae. I shall stop shaving, quit sucking in and refuse all hygene products from here on. If I belch, so be it, but arse scratching is a must. I'll rise above those men though, and not sniff my fingers afterward, but maybe I'll glue a bear rug on my tummy and let it all hang out. Who's with me!?!

Anny Cook said...

I especially like the bear rug. I could let my chin hair grow... I have enough for a goatee.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I'm so freaking sick of the impossible beauty ideals. My son's eighth grade class had a parent awareness night recently where each child researched a topic that affects teens and presented their findings.

One girl (incidentally the one my son has a crush on) chose body image/anorexia and bulemia as her topic. She put together an anoymous questionaire regarding body image as well as the use of laxatives, starvation and vomiting. Out of 100 7th and 8th grade girls surveyed, over 75% worried about body image and over 20% had tried the above abusive measures. Needless to say, I was horrified. These are 12 and 13 year old girls - I'm afraid we haven't even begun to see the effects of these warped ideals.

Amarinda Jones said...

It sucks when kids cannot be kids and people are judged by the way they look. Seems we have learnt nothing after thousands of years of being on the planet. Well I take a stand and I refuse to judge by appearance and no dipstick advertiser or celebrity will make me change my mind