Friday, 23 November 2007

Beautiful Friday...

Friday…how I love thee…let me count the ways
- hope springs eternal on a Friday. Everything seems possible at the end of a working week
- You weight less. How’s that? The weight of the working week has lifted from your shoulders. Medically speaking everyday should be Friday as we would have no health concerns about weight.
- The numbness that I live on during the week disappears and I can begin to feel again.
- I can appreciate men as human beings and not automated wind up toys that run on testosterone and immaturity
- I cease being a total bitch and become just a partial bitch. It’s genetically impossible for me to give it up completely

Dumb things I did today

- I bought a pair of sunglasses. I tried them on again when I got home and I realized they make me look like bug woman. Forehead slap. Those suckers are going back.
- Forgot to check with best mate Ethel what lie I was telling on her behalf and nearly slipped up when someone rang me up for a reference check. Thankfully I can lie my arse off (God, if only that was possible.) On a positive job Ethel got the job.

Smart things I did today

- I saw the world’s most boring ex-work acquaintance at the local garden centre on the way home from work. I managed to dash into another aisle to escape. This is a woman you have to gnaw your own leg off to be free of her.
- ‘Saw the most beautiful mahogany dining room chairs – hugely expensive - and walked away without pulling out the credit card to buy. I still want them but I am smart enough to know in the end a chair is a chair.

Good things I did today
- N/A

Bad things I did today

- where to start without looking like a trouble making shrew? Hmmm…not possible

On Kelly left us with….

"Well, what did you think I meant when I said, "I'm Your Destiny"?"

"Some bit of karma crap. Oh!" Sudden insight dawned on her. She laughed, making no effort to disguise her glee. "That's your name? Your Destiny? Wow, your mom really hated you."

"Middle school was hell."

"I can imagine."

Your Destiny leveled her with a steely stare, not muted through the reflective glass of the rearview mirror. "Now, Matilda. The vow."

Hmm…I am going with…

There was no way in hell Matilda was going to tell this Red Destiny nerd the truth about her vow. There was only one person she could tell and the thought of doing that scared her down to her toenails. No one must ever know. Sometimes the truth did not set you free.

"My vow is to eat Tims Tams only on every alternate day." Like she would stick to that.



"That hurt my feelings."

"Get over it. I do not have time for this crap.” Matilda told him. "Besides super heroes do not whine about feelings."

"You're nasty."

"Tell me about it." Matilda needed to get rid of him. Whining men gave her the irrits. "Get out of the car."

"But I am supposed to stay with you until your vow is revealed."

"Sunshine, I am not revealing anything to you." She reached into her glovebox and pulled out at a long silver wand. As a white witch she could only use it in extreme emergencies. Boredom by nerd was close enough. She turned around and gave him her best pissed off hormonal look. "Get out or I turn you into a frog."

His eyes opened wide with fright as he stared past her. "Ah, you have another problem bigger than me."

"What?" The fear in his eyes was too real to be faked. Matilda felt the hair rise on the back of her neck. Only one person gave her that feeling. It couldn't be him surely? Valerio was still in jail. Wasn't he? Matilda turned and saw the face she knew only too well. Holy crap! She knew her vow was no longer safe.

Who is Valerio and just what does he mean to Matilda the white witch? Maybe, possibly, perhaps Anny will answer this tomorrow on

The book with the guy with the freaky blond hair is released Monday I believe at Total-E-Bound. Wanna’ know why he has freaky blond hair? Well, you going to have to read the book.

The Goddess and The Ghost

Exceprta modern woman out of her natural element…

“I have not got a bloody clue what any of these are,” Zipporah murmured as she looked at the pile of leaves she and Evie had collected. She studied the Identifying Australian Flora handout sheet she had been given. All the campers had been assigned the task of classifying the local flora—for what reason Zipporah did not know. As far as she was concerned leaves were either brown or green, big or small and really what was the point of the exercise? Other than to confuse a woman who had declined baked beans on toast for lunch? Though Zipporah grudgingly had to admit wandering through the beauty of the Australian bush was worthwhile. The tall gum trees, spindly wildflowers and the clean, fresh smell was like nothing else on earth. The only thing that ruined it was the camp organiser from hell, Gwen, and the bloody whistle she liked to use to rally the troops.

“I really wish she would shove that up her arse,” Zipporah muttered in irritation as once again the demented Gwen blew out some sort of demonic tune designed to either catch their attention or create a stampede of elephants in Africa.

“We still haven’t caught any bugs.” Evie looked around her for something that jumped or flew.

“And nor are we going to catch bugs.”

“Why not, Auntie Zipp?”

”Because bugs are just minding their own business and have every right to be free.” Added to that Zipporah did not want to be touching anything of a creepy-crawly nature.

“You tell ‘em, Auntie Zipp,” Rian chuckled lightly at her words.

Rian had followed them quietly around all day. Although ever aware of his presence, Zipporah was grateful that he had kept a respectful distance in the time she spent with Evie as if he knew how important that was to both of them.

“I never thought about bugs like that,” Evie answered with a solemn nod of her head as if she could see the logic in it.
Gwen Morrow came up and inspected their leaves.
“What type are they?”

“Auntie Zipp says some are green and some are brown.”

“And this one is big and I am calling this one small.” Zipporah held the two leaves up for inspection.

….and then stuff happens with the Ghost.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


anny cook said...

Ah...I see it was the typical Friday for you! What were you thinking when you wrote that blog? I'll tell you. You were thinking that I would have to decide what Matilda's vow was....