Saturday, 24 November 2007

Lamington day…

It was federal lamington day today…no, wait, that’s wrong. It was the federal election today. Why did I mention lamingtons? Any time there is an election on, the local schools, where you go to vote, are prepared to flog lamingtons and have a sausage sizzle to raise extra money for the school. Smart. No Aussie can pass either of these attractions without stopping to buy. So I wandered up and voted and came back carrying a six pack of lamingtons and munching a hot snag smothered with onions inside a piece of bread. I feel it’s my duty to support the local school.

Anyway – back to voting. There are two major parties in Australian. The Labour Party and the Liberal-National Coalition. There are of course the assorted ratbag parties and earnest individuals as well. Our elections are not every four years. It’s basically around three years or whenever they feel like it. The same bloody politicians can stay in for years until someone votes them out. It’s crazy - yet there it is. Voting is compulsory in Oz and I consider that a good thing. I don’t understand how people do not want to vote – especially women. The Suffrages worked their arses off for us to have the vote. We should use it. Sure, you could say your one vote doesn't matter but if every woman said that we would be doing the Suffragettes a disservice. The other thing is there are women in come countries who are not allowed to vote. Their rights are non existent as people. I think sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be free women with rights. So bloody vote. End of sermon.

I am a Socialist at heart…no, not a Communist as I like capitalism. However, I like to see everyone have a chance or has we say in Oz, a fair go. I was a union delegate at one stage until I discovered how stupid the union I was in was acting. They basically did not give a rat’s arse about their members. I quit when they were agitating for the members to walk out on an issue that was ridiculous. The members would have lost pay and most likely would have got sacked. I refused to orchestrate a walk out. No walk out ensued. The union was not happy and I said ta-ta to the union. I am sure some unions are very good. This one wasn’t. I actually found in the end I was my own union and had the strength to stand up to management to fight my own causes.

Okay, so why am I rambling? I am knackered. I spent the rest of the day in the garden on a hack, slash and dump mission. Now that I have the whiz-bang driveway, I realized that the garden looked like it was going to hell in a handbag. I did manage to scare myself and a blue tongue lizard today. I saw the head of the lizard and though “Holy crap! It’s a snake!” I screamed and I swear the blue tongue lizard almost choked on his tongue on fright. Needless to say he was mighty pissed off at me and he did this hissing thing they do. I have lots of lizards. Usually they don’t bother me – it’s live and let live at Chateau Amarinda . A year ago there was this big rogue lizard – someone told me it was a sand lizard – and it used to terrorise the neighbourhood. How? It used to just turn up when you least expected it and scare the crap out of you. Often you would hear people screaming suddenly then swearing immediately afterwards when they realized it was The Rogue. I swear you could hear The Rogue snicker as it scuttled off looking for its next victim. I have not seen the little bugger so far this year. But I am sure The

Rogue will appear when it suits him. Anyway…the garden looks lovely now but I can barely move. But that’s okay, as I worked off the lamingtons I consumed.

Who will win the election? I have a fair idea but I will wait 'til later tonight as the televisions boffins agonize over graphs, pie charts and swings. Does anyone really understand all that stuff or is that the reason they have it? So we think ‘wow, they’re knowledgeable – they have a graph' or more than likely 'bugger off with your chart, Sonny Jim and just give us the results in black and white.'

Okay so ramble over. I have no idea what Anny and Kelly are doing as they have been off being thankful with their families as they should. But as always check their blogs for up to the minute info – and

Mad About Mirabelle – released December 19th

**Warning – adult excerpt**

“We had sex. But it had nothing to do with love and I feel nothing now.” It was a huge lie of course. She felt more in five seconds with this man than she had felt in a hour with another. He had no equal.
Flynn grabbed Mirabelle’s other arm and gently pushed her up against the nearby garden shed, his body melding to hers.
“Can you feel this?” Flynn ground his hard, hot cock against her. “I got a hard on the minute I saw you.”
Mirabelle gulped. She was both pleased and scared at Flynn’s admission. Pleased—because she had affected him so. Scared—because it was so unlike her to have wild crazy ill-thought-out sex. However those slow grinding hips against hers were making her question just how ill-thought-out it would be to give it up once more for limo man.
“You know, when Aunt Lila mentioned her neighbor Mirabelle I thought she would be some seventy-year-old spinster with a bunch of cats—not the hottie I had last night.” Flynn slid his tongue up the side of her neck. “You taste so delicious. I want you Miss Mirabelle,” he whispered against her mouth.
Oh boy. Warning. Wobbly knee alert.
“What?” Mirabelle knew “what” she just had to make sure she was completely certain that his intentions matched her ramped up expectations. They both had to be on the same page or she was going to look and feel awfully dumb.
“I want to fuck you again.” Flynn scattered light soft kisses over her face as his hips rimmed hers.
Okay, same intentions. Check.
“Yes that I got. It’s really rather obvious with your cock prodding into my stomach like that.”
Flynn chuckled at her words. He wasn’t the only one trying to keep control.
“So what’s the problem?” His hands went to her breasts softly kneading the firm covered flesh.
Oh my…
“Last night was…” Mirabelle began trying to find the right words however she was finding it difficult to concentrate with the breast fondling thing going on.
“Last night was fantastic.” Flynn had no problems with words.
“Okay yes, but it was a one off.” Though a two off seemed doable right at that moment.
“Because I’m not like that.”
“Hot, sexy and incredibly fuckable?” Flynn looked at her as her eyes opened wide at his words. “You’re all those things Miss Mirabelle and more.” He unzipped her shorts and started pulling them down her legs. He smiled when he saw the dark tangle of curls between her legs. “You have no panties on. Excellent.”
“I, ah…” How did she respond to that and not sound depraved, as good girls always wore undies. “We can’t do this.” Though seemingly her shorts around her ankles indicated they could and would. She gasped as his hand slid between her legs gently but insistently pushing her legs apart.
“Why not?” Flynn found her slippery clit and rubbed softly.
“Oh…ah…because some one will see us and…” And what? She was sure there was a good logical sentence that followed that. But who the hell could concentrate with limo man’s hand between her legs?

…..and stuff happens
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Thanks AJ. I'm going to be chuckling all day at the image of you and a blue tongue lizard glaring at each other. In my yard it's multi-colored spiders of all sizes.

Anny Cook said...

So glad your garden is now lovely. Read the news this morning so apparently you have a new government. And yay!, the blue lizard. You must take a picture and send it. Rest well.

Kelly Kirch said...

I want to hear more about The Rogue. Sounds like an intellegent lizard. I like her. Because I'm sure it is a female.

I'm back from being thankful. Had a wonderful day with the pastor's family and realized it was the most relaxed, enjoyable holiday I had spent in a long long time. Will have to emulate.

Molly Daniels said...

Since MAM is being released on the 2nd most important day in December, I shall have to treat myself, instead of putting it at the end of The List...

Brynn Paulin said...

"flog lamingtons and have a sausage sizzle"

This is so utterly Aussie. I love it. Makes me smile. If I stick around you, I may actually learn enough of the language to understand people when I finally get my dream trip to visit Australia. Of course everyone will barely understand me... I hear people from my fair state have an accent.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

What are Lamingtons? And a sausage sizzle sounds good...I think it's time for lunch.