Friday, 2 November 2007

Seducing Celestine – released today! Let the pigeons loose!

Seducing Celestine available now from Ellora’s Cave

When the hot, sexy guy intimately caressing Celestine in her dreams turns out to be a real life man in her bed is it moonlight madness or is she just one very lucky girl? Should she be offended this man just wants a moonlight ride with any available woman or let him take her as her heart desires?

The woman in Nick's arms is different to any he has ever tasted. Seducing Celestine into submission becomes one sexy challenge he cannot resist. But someone else wants Celestine and it has nothing to do with sex.

Can lust be love? Can she stay out of trouble long enough to find out?

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The meaning of life...

Ethel, my best friend, is having a bad time at the moment. Everything is going wrong as it sometimes does in everyone’s life. So naturally it’s the perfect time to go halves in a couple of lotto tickets with her because hope springs eternal and we can tell ourselves anything and believe it. Anyway we were ruminated on the meaning of life…

Why are we here?

General consensus is stuffed if we know, we just are here and I reckon we have to make the most of it. Ethel seems to think her goal is to keep the makers of red wine in business. She’s a philanthropist to the grape squeezers.

What is your purpose in life?

To do whatever you are doing now. I think maybe I am here to drive people nuts by being outspoken and doing the complete opposite of what they want me to do. Ethel feels this is my gift.

Why do things happen to you as they do?

Because they do. Bad stuff happens. Good stuff happens. There is no rhyme or reason. It’s not like you or I are the only people that have crap stuff happen to. I believe in karma – think before you act and remember the cosmos can kick you in the arse any minute so either wing it or be quick on your feet.

Where are we going? And will there be something to eat when we get there?

Existentially – who the hell knows? On a day to day basis? Work, school, grocery shopping etc. Just put one foot in front of the other and get on with it I say. When you get there you are there.

Is there a god?

I can’t answer that one as I am an atheist - no really, swear to god. No conversions please. I am allergic. Ethel says if we win the lotto she will believe. Of course this is the woman who plans to moon our old workplace from a limo when we win lotto so her belief system is on a sliding scale.

Is there an afterlife?

I vote yes as there are a lot of people I need to see again.

I don’t believe there is one set answer to the meaning of life. I think we have to endure through the hard times and enjoy the good. I think we worry too much about what our lives ‘should be’ like when there is no template to life. Stuff happens, build the bridge or blow it up and move on. Make the best of what you have. Do not whine unless it’s the stuff you put into a glass…no one likes whiners.

Friday at work…

…watched 4 grown men try to lift an enormous desk through a tiny door way. They sweated, they swore and I watched for a while until I suggested they unscrew the desk and take it out in pieces. Four men looked at me sheepishly…

…suggested that they seriously re-think heating up the pizza that had been in the office fridge for the past week. Pizza got nuked and four hours later some very sick little boys in the office.

…wrote a good chunk of my next book.

…conversed on line with Ethel, Anny, Kelly and assorted frogs

…made personal phone calls to the council and concreter about driveway

…discussed Sara’s, overseas counterpart, plan to go to design school in Milan and how much notice she should give before quitting

…chatted to the girls at the local coffee shop…they work bloody hard

…and oh yes, did work type stuff here and there as a cover for my personal business…busy, busy, busy Friday.

The Blog Serial – ta-da

On, the all singing, all dancing Kelly left us with….

"The Golden Carrot holds mystical carrot powers. You know that thing I told you carrots are great for?"

"Uh. Yup." Lawrence twitched his pink nose and set his whiskers a-quiver.

"The Golden Carrot is able to make the holder of it---" The Mary broke off with a scream!

Nah, I’m not going anywhere near where Kelly expects me to go…my turn…

Meanwhile back at the casino, Emmeline, tired of dealing with the all-simpering yet flashy duo of Rafe and Rinalda, hit the black jack table. Her plan was to win enough money to blow Vegas and hunt her husband Zoltan down.

“Like the scheming dog he is,” she spat out in contempt.

Suddenly a high pitched scream pierced the air.

“What was that?” The dealer shrieked in alarm.

“Who cares.” Emmeline had enough problems of her own. She only her emerald wish ring left to bet with. She pulled it off her finger. “Just shut up and deal.”

“That’s not a nice way for a lady to speak,” Zoltan appeared magically at her side.

“You bastard,” Emmeline hissed angrily.

“Come on that’s an even worse way to speak your husband.” He clicked his fingers and they were transported to the casino’s honeymoon suite. “Let’s make up.”

“In a pig’s ear!” Emmeline put the emerald ring to hers lips and kissed it.

“Don’t do it Emmie. I will track you down and make you come back to me.”

She closed her eyes. “Take me somewhere Zoltan will never find me.”

Two seconds later she was swatting flies away as she stood in an outback pub.

“G’day love. You from out of town?” The shearer looked her up and down.

“Where am I?”

Jumbuck Creek.”


“Blood oath.”

Emmeline looked around in amazement. Her mouth dropped open. “What’s that?” It couldn’t be!

“Strewth, haven’t you seen a carrot before, mate?”

“But it’s gold.”

“Yeah we make and flog ’em to the tourists.”

Emmeline smiled as a plan for revenge popped into her head.

Oh dear, oh dear…whatever with Anny do on tomorrow? Will she go down under or go back up and over to the wrong side of the world?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

The Golden Carrots of Jumbuck Creek. Hmmmm. I love it. Only in OZ.

Molly Daniels said...

Congrats on the release:) It's already on The List...

As for food in the afterlife...ever see that Meryl Streep/Albert something (Finney comes to mind, but I'm not sure that's right!) movie called "Defending Your Life" (again, not sure of the title...)? You can eat all you want, whatever you want, and not gain an ounce!

Kelly Kirch said...

Maid for Death AND Seducing Celesting. Quite a week for you AJ. Congratulations!

I love the pic of the man/woman computer dials. Ain't it the truth?

Brynn Paulin said...

Aw man! And I had my conversion speech all set to go, too! I love your purpose in life. I believe mine is similar.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Always look on the bright side of life (imagine the whistling bit here)

Mega congrats on your releases - you rock!!!

Anny Cook said...

Happy Release Day! Ta-da-ta-da! Can't you just see me humming? Heh.

Katie said...

I'm tremendously relieved your office is nothing like mine. On the other hand I would trade mine for time to write.