Monday, 12 November 2007

Monday stuff...

I have been off work today as I am dreadfully ill...okay, I’m not I just decided I needed the day off – so much so in fact that I am taking tomorrow off as well. I feel terrible about it naturally.

As I am normally never home during the week. I have learned quite a bit being home today. First up, a mad drummer practices for at least two hours somewhere close by. I have to ask - how hard is it really to play the drums? After two hours it didn’t sound any better or worse from when he started. And, it has to be a man as no woman would waste time making loud noises for two hours. She would have made them for two minutes, got what she wanted then stopped. Second, I discovered I can do the splits. Yes, I was quite amazed. I was downstairs in the laundry and I slipped on something wet and whooska! I did the splits. It’s not something I believe is a marketable talent (unless you do porn movies I guess) but hey, I can do them – the splits – not the movies.

Thirdly, Ethel hates to be the only one of us at work and believes it’s not fair if I’m not at work as well. This is a woman who normally works 4 hours to my 8 hours a day. She messages me each day after work to tell me she is home in her pjs at 3 pm drinking wine, rubbing it in like the good friend she is. Yes, my heart bleeds for her today…not. The other thing I find interesting is my street is so quiet. Everyone could be dead or transported away by aliens and I would never know. But that’s okay as quiet suits me…though I would be a little pissed off if aliens came, looking for intelligent life, and at least did not knock on my door to offer me the invite – but then if it was after 9pm at night I ignore all communication anyway.

Manners…what do they mean to you?

Today I got an email that said “I want this, so do it.” There was no ‘Hi’ or ‘please’ or ‘thanks.’ It was ‘just shut up and do what I want.’ Of course that is a guarantee that I will do the exact opposite. I cannot stand people who do not have the manners to say please or thank you. It costs nothing to say and you actually get more stuff when you
do say them. I am one of those annoying people, please don’t be shocked, that will correct people’s manners. If I hold a door open for someone coming behind me and they do not say thank you I will say it for them – loudly – so everyone hears, this then embarrasses the person into saying thank you. I do not expect everyone to have prefect speech or pronunciation but I expect manners. So what happened to them? Are there people having kids out there but not teaching them simple things like manners? It’s a sorry state of affairs where swear words are common place but manner aren’t.

Kelly has the blog serial today along with her week of penance for chopping Australia in half on the world map. Check her out on Anny has author Kathleen Coddington and her latest book Witch Ball on

Other blogs of interest – - will Dakota share her ‘research’ with us? - Will Brynn still have the same amount of children and how many loads of laundry did she do? - Did the cats pick the kids up after school?

Coming soon to a blog near you…

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barbara huffert said...

Aliens will never invite you. They know you'd take over instantly and they're afraid.

Kelly Kirch said...

HI, Amarinda. THANK YOU for flogging the 12 Days of Christmas contest which will rock the internet. I've decided this so PLEASE do not contradict.

I love your insights. I can hardly sit still long enough to wait for what Tuesdays are like on your block.

Molly Daniels said...

As a drummer, I feel the need to defend myself:) It takes quite a bit of practice in order to do a proper drum roll...I'm assuming the drum of choice was a snare?? If it was the whole set, then there is the 'I wanna be a rock star' quality that goes into to loud rhythms emanating from the end of my sticks! Noise? my imagination, I am on stage with Def Leppard, or Styx, or even Doughtry, singing my heart out, banging away, in hopes that the imaginary camera pans over me at the right time and catches my perfectly timed twirl, flourish, and maybe even the part where I 'shake hands' with my sticks while playing simultaneously, hahahah...

When I brought my bells home (high-pitched, metallic Xylophone...picture the child's toy version and you've got a pretty accurate picture of the tone), I would play along to Journey and Foreigner...probably drove my parents crazy...

Molly Daniels said...

Forgot to add...since I'm not EC or CP pubbed yet, am I eligible for this wonderful contest????

Anny Cook said...

Fabulous job as always. You flog very well... but how will you do with the Saga tomorrow? Will a second day of drumming do you in? Tune in tomorrow for the breathtaking answers!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I'm a fan of manners. If my children or daycare kids are being mannerless little hamsters, I remind them by saying, "Was there something you wanted to say to (insert name here)?"

I'm pleased to say I hardly ever have to say it these days. of the daycare hamsters may never learn, but I'm not surprised as it doesn't seem to be part of his mother's vocabulary either. grrr

Sandra Cox said...

I'm jealous you were home today and I wasn't. Great blog as always.

Brynn Paulin said...

This is what I get for being sick -- for real, unlike you. I totally missed the lie thing and man could I have confessed one or two. Well, too late now *eg*