Friday, 18 April 2008

Idiots, nitwits, fools...

My boss told me to go home early – you don’t have to tell me twice. So I headed home to find a Promptel tech at my house. It was 4pm. The tech was supposed to be there at 5pm. He said he had tested the line and my phone worked. Well yes, this I know. I said it’s the internet. He said he did not fix that. He was a nice bloke and came inside anyway to see what he could do. I called the supervisor I had been speaking with all week and he told him what had happened. He said he could not believe it. The supervisor was on the point of a nervous breakdown over this Amarinda problem because unlike other customers I do not back down. Anyway the tech left. I explained to the supervisor over the phone that he needed to do something now to fix this. The supervisor said no one else will be out to fix the internet today. I arced up big time. He went into a panic and tried lots of things to fix the problem. After 30 minutes, he said “I guess I could try a specialist area.” I spoke to the specialist area. They fixed the problem in a minute. Of course they did. The specialist guy said this could have been fixed last Friday. Exactly. He was surprised they
had stuffed around so long with it. I’m not. In the interim, Promptel has been throwing money at me all week as shut up money. And yes, I have willingly caught it because my mother raised no fools - but wouldn’t it have been better as a company to have accepted the problem and fixed it and limited the money spent on shutting up the customer? How do these companies make profits? Could you run your own family budget the way they run these enterprises and be in the black? I think not.

The problem with Promptel, and other companies, and remember I have worked in a few, is that they hire contract staff. Now, these contractors are not to blame. They get taught limited stuff and are expected to deal with all sorts of problems they have no knowledge of so the whole thing becomes a shambles as no one takes responsibility as contractors are just their to get paid. I have no issue with that, I get the whole working for money thing. So, in an effort

not to employ permanent, full time staff on award conditions, companies like Promptel hire contractors who they pay stuff all to do the job. No wonder service levels suck.

By the way… the technician who was not supposed to come out, rocked up at 5pm to fix the internet. I said you don't exist and I told him what happened. He said bloody typical of Promptel and that happened all time. He asked if I could sign a sheet to say he was there for 2 hours so he could claim the time…hell yes I will…stuff Promptel.

So…that was my week…what fresh hell will face me next week?

Things not to do…

- I had to iron today. Like anyone in their right mind I hate ironing. I did said ironing and put the shirt on and I notice a wrinkle near the collar. The iron was still barely warmly and I touched it lightly to the fabric and managed to burn myself. Yes, I am an idiot but I still love me.

- Don’t mistake someone’s child as their grandchild…doesn’t matter that the woman hated me anyway…just gives her another reason to hate me more. Stand in line.
- Too much burning of baharath darshan incense makes you woozy. I believe that translates into some sort of drug. Anyone know? I like the smell but it makes me float
- When you put “Deliver to the back door” on an order make sure you specify you have a front door and a back door to your home and draw a picture to show dumb delivery guy that the front door which is at the front of the house is not the back door – which coincidentally is around the back…is it just me or does that seem logical?

Okay – so that’s it – short blog tonight as I have had a long, difficult week dealing with idiots and I plan to zone out with my incense and some wine. Talk to you tomorrow.

Anny and Kelly…who knows what they are up to…go check out their blogs though if you are in the mood.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Oh you meant the back door at the back of the house? Well why didn't you say so! Wait, you did. Still that is an awfully confusing concept to some. It's a worldwide problem.

Molly Daniels said...

But what if your back door is the one you always go in, and people mistake it for the front door, because that's all they've known? So is that the back door, or it the real front door the back one?

Just kidding. Sounds like you have had the week from hell; I hate it when I'm out of ink in the printer and have to use the library until I can get more ink! Having no internet for a week would seriously drive me batty!

Had an earthquake this morning. I think the RT ladies are partying a bit toomuch:)

Sandra Cox said...

Glad to have you back.

Anny Cook said...

Your week was much more interesting than my week. I will write my blog in the morning!