Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday – how I adore thee…

It has been one of those weeks that if I was given the chance to relive it again as a do-over I would give it a swerve. Don’t you hate weeks like that? It’s been non stop drama. So I plan to slump on the sofa shortly, with a bottle of chateau plonk 2007 and ignore the phone and maybe watch Gone with the Wind for the 37th time because frankly, other than the ridiculous obsession with the mealy mouthed Ashley, Scarlett knew what she was doing in life. As for the whole Rhett thing – even though it ended without the audience knowing what happened – and I refuse to consider the crap ‘Scarlett’ movie as the sequel – I always believed that Rhett would come back to her because kick arse women rule and strong men can’t resist them regardless what they may have said at the time.

There was a report on the news that alcohol will give you cancer. Jeez, eye roll, what doesn’t? My mother ate healthy, lived healthy and died of cancer. Yes, that makes sense doesn’t it? Everything has the potential to kill you. It all, in my less than humble opinion, comes down to fate and fate can be an utter bastard. So I believe in living and will continue to do so regardless of what is the ‘new’ thing destined to kill you.

Work has been dreary. I am working with a woman who is about to retire and has been in the same job for 100 years, okay, maybe I exaggerate – 85 years - and I look at her and think “knock me on the head if I ever get to this stage in my life where there are rules on rules about how rules should be ruled.” Scary. She is also incredibly patronizing and I don’t think she gets that she is. The common complaint is she treats everyone like a 6-year -olds. I am basically ignoring her – doing the nod and smile, blank look thing, because I think she is just a sad, pathetic woman who has no other life and the only life she has ever known in ending. Besides, life is too short to deal with the likes of her. I have to ask – is work life? I respond – no bloody way. Work to me is what you do to have a life or to pay for the life you have. Yet some see it as stimulating and important. Sure, at knock off time I am incredibly stimulated and pay day is exceptionally important to me – other than that, I turn up and generally try and fly under the radar so I can get through the day as quickly as possible. If it wasn’t for personal emails from the likes of Ethel, Nola and Katie I would be asleep at my desk…oh sure there’s work to do but one has to be in the mood doesn’t one?

Dreamslordy I have had some long, difficult dreams this week. You know the ones – everything is a problem, you get lost, you’re late, you’re running, you’re fighting someone off – and yet I believe for all this exertion I should have lost more weight. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

What the hell is wrong with the government of Burma? Have your politics, your principles and your beliefs but for god sake save your people. Don’t be fuckwits. Haven’t those people suffered enough without the posturing of fools?

Are you looking for a hot, new book to read? Tempting Tess by Regina Carlysle has been released from Ellora’s Cave. It’s part of the Oh Yum series. Check out the blurb and excerpt below and then I know you’ll want to click on the cover to buy. This book is guaranteed to singe your eyelashes it’s so hot.

Tempting Tess

The blurb...

When forty-five year old widow, Tess Garrity decides it’s time to re-evaluate her very stale life, she rents a charming cabin in the mountains of Ruidoso, New Mexico to think things through, little expecting her entire life is about to take a drastic turn. Oh yeah, she’s very drawn and more than a little sexually turned on by the sinfully handsome man who lives next door.

Daniel Rios is captivated by the stunning older woman who is renting his cabin just next door. She is sweet, funny, and sexy enough to make him yearn to fuck her. He wants her more than his next breath but his first order of business is getting rid of an unwanted houseguest. For Daniel, it is mission accomplished as he moves in on Tess, tempting her to take another chance on love-with him. It’s a naughty, edgy, seductive challenge he is fully prepared to take.

The excerpt be warned this is an adult excerpt

He was the hottest man she’d even seen. Jeff had been a handsome but rather ordinary man. Their life had been one of friendship and comfort. This moment with Daniel in the middle of the night was altogether different from anything she’d ever experienced before. Intimacy was ripe in the air and Tess wanted to shy away from it. She was afraid of what this man did to her. She’d been married to the same sweet, gentle man for years but she’d never felt the sheer magnetic pull that she felt with this stranger.
It scared her to death!
The cabin was shadowy, the lighting soft and it looked like Daniel would be here for the night. What on earth was she going to do with him?
Well, actually she could think of ten or twenty things she could do with him but, uh-uh, not going there. She wasn’t one of those aggressive women who could just walk up to a guy and say, oh, um, by the way, you’re the hottest, sexiest man I’ve ever met and I want your cock plunging into my pussy. Right fucking now! I want you to bang me into the mattress until my head threatens to explode. I want you to lick my cunt until I drown you in my cream.

Terror zipped through her veins at all these crazy thoughts. She was a mother, for Christ’s sake. She was at least a dozen years older than this hot stud. He’d laugh his ass off if he only knew what she was thinking.
Drawing her control around her, Tess struggled to regulate her breathing and went to Daniel who stood looking down into the fireplace. Tiny sparks were catching the dry wood, burning it into a delicate, cool blue mingled with hot yellow. Shadows from the growing flames seemed to dance along his torso like a sensual touch. Flicking, teasing flesh that was bronze and hard and so very tempting.
Suddenly he looked over at her as she stood there holding a wine glass in each hand. His eyes were hotter than the fire he’d built. Tess stood motionless, unable to speak.
“I want you to know something,” he said. “I met Hillary a year ago. She was vacationing here with friends and I took her to bed. For some reason, she got it in her head that I wanted more. Wanted a relationship.”
“You didn’t.”
Daniel shook his head and made a sound of disgust. “Hardly. She’s not my type. Good for a one night stand but that’s about it with a woman like that. She’s a party girl and I’ve had my fill with it. Outgrown it. That’s not what my life is about anymore.”
Tess pressed a glass into his hand, sensing his need to talk. She was a good listener. Always had been. “You told me this evening that you’re a man, not a kid. You’re right about that.”
He speared her with a glance then took a sip of the chilled wine. “Got that right. I’m into women not girls.”
“I see.” Tess looked down into the fire, watched it catch and grow. Burning, fragrant and clean.
“I doubt you do. She showed up here unexpectedly, making demands, talking about a future.”
“What happened?”
Daniel shrugged. “I told her I wasn’t interested in something serious with her and that I wanted her to leave tomorrow morning. I mentioned I’d met someone else and she got pissed off and left. It’s a good thing. Right after I told her to leave, she grabbed my cock through my jeans. She started stroking me, tried to get me hot for her and I pushed her hand away. Everything can’t be solved through sex.”
“Some things can,” Tess whispered, almost to herself. Her gaze shot up when she realized she’d spoken the thought aloud.
His eyes narrowed then focused on her lips for a split second. “Tess.”
She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “God! Dumb. I don’t know where that came from. “
Daniel took her glass and set it, along with his on the mantle. He turned to face her squarely. His hands, those marvelous hard hands, settled on her shoulders. A calloused thumb traced the exposed line of her collarbone and a shiver of awareness sank deep into her bones. “You can say anything to me. Anything at all. Ask me about the woman, Tess. Ask me about the woman I met. “
She drew in a shaky breath as expectation hummed in the air. She shouldn’t ask because she already knew the answer and this answer could land her in a world of heartache. She knew what he was going to say and a whip of fear mingled with anticipation lashed wildly through her body. It couldn’t be. Things like this didn’t happen to her. The flesh between her legs throbbed like mad, moisture pooled, thick and heavy in the crotch of her panties. Muscles, little used over the past few years, pulsed to life.
“Okay. Who is she, Daniel?”
“I told her I’d met you, Tess. I told her I’d met you.”

May I recommend, before I sashay over to the sofa with my wine, that may kill me, that you check out Anny and Kelly and the good folks blogs to the left. They are all amazingly talented.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Ooh dream exercise. That will fit in nicely with my vicarious exercise program. I'm happy to report that it's working. My pants fit slightly better this week.

Even strong women have an unexplanable weakness. Mine's back again and I just can't seem to slam the door in his face as I know I should. Sure hope Rhett shows up soon to assist in breaking me of this habit.

Kelly Kirch said...

Glad you posted Regina. I bought her up last night. I'm looking forward to this one.

Barb. What can I say? I am speechless with laughter.

Katie Reus said...

I work w/ a woman like you described, but luckily we're not in the same office (I'm in one of the satellite offices). She's head of HR and the irony is not lost on anyone. She feels the need to repeat things 4 or 5 times, like we can't comprehend what she said the first time! Grrr!

Btw, you won the Blogging with Purpose Award. Check out my blog for details :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Thanks bunches for the promo, hon!Looking forward to your Oh Yum as well. Release coming up really soon, right??? Hope the wine helped with what ails you.


Regina Carlysle said...

One more thing. Just saw a report on tv about the Burmese govt. seizing a big load of supplies for those poor people. This is awful. Right now they say over 60,000 need relief and many will die without this aid. Inhumane!!!

Anny Cook said...

UN has shut down the aid. Ick. It's happened before where governments seize the humanitarian aid.

Dreams... mine this week have been running, running, running...should be skinny as a rail.

Regina Carlysle said...

You always give me lots to think about. Recall someone telling me not to use that package of Sweet n Low in my tea because it might give me cancer. Hell, they feed a mouse 5 lbs of sweetnlow and suddenly they're surprised the thing died!!! How nuts is that??? Poor thing probably just exploded. ICK. Kind of like trying to pour 10 lbs. of sugar into a 5 lb. sack. How dumb is that?

Ummmm...sorry, I'm ranting. I'll go away now.