Sunday, 18 May 2008

What? Sunday again...oh crap Monday tomorrow...

A friend sent me these Maxines this morning – I love Maxine. I want to grow up to be exactly like her. I believe I am on the way
It is cold here…yes, sure, it’s nearly winter but that doesn’t make it right. It’s also windy enough to blow a dog off a leash.

Update on Mervina the possum. I left the lights on under the house last night and will again tonight, as per my wise Editor’s suggestion. See? Editors have to deal with all manner of problems – anyway there was no sign of Mervina today. I suspect she is pissed off about not being able to wander around in the dark knocking things over – nor has she been able to sleep today as I kept the lights on. Jump out and scare me will you? I think not. You’re going bush whether you like it or not fatso.

I was talking to a reader who said that she wished she had the ‘gift of imagination’ so she could write. No one lacks imagination. It’s just a matter of belief in yourself and your abilities. As for writing? I have said this before but I believe anyone can write. I am sure there are probably
some authors that would disagree with this sentiment. But I think anyone that has a voice and spirit of their own can bang out a book. The only thing it takes is time and patience. If you can find both then have a go and write. No writers I know are any smarter than anyone else and you may just surprise yourself. Do it.

So, I would like to say I did something exciting today but I didn’t. The highlight was putting a colour through my hair – I have no idea what my natural colour is any more. I’m sure it’s not toxic red. And I schlepped around in my purple chenille dressing gown and rainbow fuzzy slippers for a large percentage of the day while I wrote the continuing story on from Tantalizing Tilly (coming soon from Ellora’s Cave) – though I have left out huge chunks of sex…in the book that is. I personally don’t do sex any more. I prefer chocolate and schlepping around in purple chenille. Same feeling anyway – instant gratification
and warmth. Anyway I typed in the usual notes on the WIP to myself – ‘insert sex here’. It’s hard to write sex sometimes. I also think that cold doesn’t help as things shrivel and it’s too cold for any of my characters to be naked so I am giving us all a break. What else did I do? Well, I de-trashy-fied a manuscript that a publisher wanted to see. What is de-trashy-fy? Yes, it is a made up word. Thanks for noticing.

With writing erotic romance - and I am sure I’ll get myself in trouble saying this but what the hell, that’s who I am – there are different types of erotica which I am sure you know. And no, I’m not saying any particular author writes porn so get a grip if you feel otherwise. Anyway, I write differently for different publishers. Well, it makes sense doesn’t it? Different publishers have
different markets. Anyway, I wrote this one piece of work that was probably – okay not probably, - was a lot hotter and also trashier than a lot of my usual work. I planned to give it to a particular publisher, different to my normal one, but in the end chose not to because I wasn’t happy with how trashy it was. Sure, it probably would have sold quite well but I think there are times in your life when money is not the most important thing. Yes – gasp – shock – horror. Who knew I would ever say that? I feel dizzy now. But there it is - I had a moment of integrity and I decided to de-trashy-fy the book. It’s still hot and it’s still ménage but I don’t wince as I read it.

And yes, there is always a debate over what is erotic romance and what is soft porn. I have my own thoughts as I know anyone reading this does. That’s good. Wouldn’t it be boring if we all thought the same? I respect anyone’s right to read and write what they like. I personally will draw the line. I wonder what Maxine would say? Hmmm
So that’s Sunday…other then ignoring the doorbell, answering the odd phone call and as writing requires, eating junk food, that was the sum total of my existence. Oh yes, and I bought an Armitage Army t-shirt –for charity – because every Armitage Army soliderette has to support RA. So yes, quel non- excitement. What do thou doest today?

I suspect Anny could talk about sex on her blog – not sure. I know Kama Sutra Lovers will be out very soon through Ellora’s Cave - it will singe your eyelashes together. I have read snippets. Maybe she will be kind enough to add an eye singeing snippet on her blog. As for Kelly she is too much of a good girl for any singeing of bodily parts.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Does that mean trashify is a word too?

I am in total agreement. There are times when integrity is much more important than money.

Amarinda Jones said...

Yes B, because to de-trashy-fy you first had to trashy-fy your writing. It's quite complex and I am not surprised at all that you have quickly grasped the concept because you are smart - and by all means please use the word

Anny Cook said...

Hmmm. I suspect my latest work isn't trashyfied enough. If need be, I will look to you for advice if I must trashyfy it up some.

Poor Mervina. Turn on the lights on the weekends when you're gonna be wandering around under the house. It is 58F degrees here and the door is open. I suspect that you would think it was cold, though.

Kelly Kirch said...

Besides, singeing of body parts is rather painful when all said and done.

My great aunt looked like Maxine. She wasn't sarcastic and funny, but she was uncannily similar in appearance. Aunt Cynthia was blind as a bat the last eight or more years of life but she still drove her car. It was TERRIFYING!! And this in a town of ohhh 2k on a busy weekend is why no one stopped her.

Ashley Ladd said...

I'm with Maxine! We've gotta get the guy who brought men from Mars. And now we have to ship them all back, pronto! I have dibs on the first space ship as I know just who to send first.

Would you mind if I post that Maxine pic to my blog today, too? It would go so perfectly with my post.

Ashley Ladd said...

Um...I don't sound like a romance writer right now, either, do I???

Jacquéline_Roth said...

I love the Maxine cartoons. She cracks me up.

I've never de-trashified anything, but I have turned the heat way up on a couple of things. I usually hear, "They need to have more sex, faster," from my editor.