Monday, 19 May 2008

Another Monday down...

Does anyone know what I have done with my patterned, winter tights? Please advise as I have no idea where they are. Of course there is the school of thought I should have packed them away neatly somewhere last year but how boring is that? Anyone can be neat. The one thing I like about Winter? I do not shave my legs as much– yes I know, TMI but to me it’s a time to go feral, Beryl.

The world’s most boring woman – the one that is straighter than a ruler and makes the Ten Commandments look half-arsed – is away from work for a week. Hallelujah! A whole week of someone not droning on about how by me forgetting to pick up a print out from the printer means the whole company will go into liquidation, worlds will collide and locusts will descend in plague proportions. She loves to point out mistakes. Luckily for her I make a lot of them, as you do when you are a human being. I just smile and nod and say things to her like “Well as no one lost an eye there is not problem is there?” It drives her crazy that I will not bite because I simply don’t care. She is no challenge to me. She is a lonely, pathetic woman whose life is ending when she finishes work for good soon. Not worth arcing up over those people as they just don’t understand real life and would not get it anyway.

Absolutely had stuff all to do at work today which suited me as I had writing I could do. Yes, of course I feel terrible about doing this in work time but I feel they would not want me to be bored as then I would not be a productive worker then…you know if there was work I felt inclined to do. It's always a juggling act writing at work. While it makes you look incredibly busy you have to have the quick fingers to flick in and out of programs without anyone realizing what you are doing. Added to that you have to be able to send all writing home undetected by the email Nazis. But that's easy. Some people get sprung (caught) though as they save it onto desktop or documents. Duh, of course you'll get pinged(caught) doing that. The secret of my stealing work time success? I type everything into the body of an email on corporate mail,(makes me look I’m doing work stuff) no address of course, then I have one of my outside email addresses open - then I cut and paste it into an email already addressed to me and send that sucker. Foolproof. I am sure you are all too good to steal time from you employer but hypothetically, if you did, how would you do it?

I was listening to this bloke on TV this morning and he was talking about language. When I was at University one of the core subjects I had to take was Linguistic Analysis. Yes very exciting -not. I spent most of my time sounding words out for diphthongs and glides and glottal stops…these have of course been incredibly not useful in my life. You never know when someone with ask you about a diphthong - and I'm not talking about the foot in flip flop method to check if pool water is warm enough to swim in. So, there was this bloke and he was talking about language and the perception of how some people try to correct your words because they believe it's whom and not who and how these people should get a grip. I agree. Surely we have more important things to worry about other than how someone speaks and if they are grammatically correct. Isn't it more important what is said? Sometimes I find the most eloquent speaking people are the most full of crap…what do you think?

Barbara Huffert – great author and friend of the Amarinda blog has a brand new release out from Total-E-Bound today. It’s called Beyond Meddling – love the title – and I know you will want to snap it up as its wild, hot, sweet romance as only Barbara can write. Luckily for you, all you have to do is just click on the cover to buy – you know how to click doncha ya?

Beyond Meddling – the blurb

Evan Wilton is lost and confused. So much so he’s about to let Belynda Himmel, the woman of his dreams, slip away. He has every intention of doing just that, for Be’s own good of course, when his grandfather shows up to knock some sense into him.

Now if only he can get past the fact that the man died months ago and actually manage to listen to him, he might end up where he’s always wanted to be - in spite of himself.

Beyond Meddling – the excerpt – yes, its adults only – you have been warned.

In fact, that’s how he got her shirt off the first time.
They’d been relaxing together on a Saturday afternoon before Be had to head to the home for an event she’d arranged and somehow they’d landed on the subject of masturbation. One thing led to another and the next thing he knew she’d dared him to show her his technique. He tried to get out of it, claiming lamely not to have enough time before she needed to go which was when she’d whipped off her top, baring her breasts as inspiration. As he watched she’d pushed them up and together almost as if offering them to him.

Be nodded towards his groin. “Well? Aren’t you going to?”
“Oh. Yeah,” Evan stuttered. “Sorry.”
“For what?” she laughed, rolling her nipples between her fingers.
“You distracted me. I forgot what I was doing.”
“Need me to remind you?”
“Uh, okay.” He let her guide him in front of her and unzip his pants.
“You need to get out your cock now. I want to see you wrap those sexy long fingers of yours around it.”
“Like this? You like my hands?”
“You know I do. You’ve seen me watching them.”
“Yeah I noticed,” Evan admitted.
“Stroke it for me,” Be urged.
He did. While his hand worked, Be was busy fondling herself.
“Look what watching you does to me,” she said, raising her breasts to display her pointed nubs. “God, Evan that’s so hot.”
He couldn’t help it. He laughed. “Me? I’m hot?”
“Oh hell yes. Don’t stop.”
“Yeah like there’s a chance that’ll happen,” he chuckled again. “Damn Be, talk about hot. Mm,” he moaned.
“Getting close?”
“Fuck. Oh yeah. Ah. Where do you want it?”
“All over me. Coat my nipples.”
Evan couldn’t hold back. He did as she asked and let his hot fluid dowse her chest. When he squeezed out the last drop he couldn’t believe what he saw. Be lifted her breast and angled her head in order to lick her own nipple.
“Mm, tasty,” she declared.

Anny and Kelly are doing their thing on their blogs – what is it? It’s very complex, possibly illegal and no doubt quirky bordering on odd. Go see….
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

See Mervina for your tights.

Oh wow I have a book out today! Yes, I'm still mostly asleep and seeing my cover caught me be surprise. Hm, better go back to bed.

Ashley Ladd said...

I USED TO write at work. It's been at least two years since I've been able. But when I did, I got creative. I opened one of our letters so the obvious work-looking stuff was at the top and bottom of the page. If anyone came close or I had to leave that job and particularly the desk, I'd just to page up (quick as control home). I'd just have to be extra careful to get that out of the document so I wouldn't accidentally forward that letter to someone else using the letter format. At first I was the only one doing letters but as the years passed, more people started doing letters.

Then they started watching emails so I couldn't do what you're able to do and send it through company email. Then they blocked outside email like hotmail and aol, so that wasn't an option. Then they disabled the CD and USB ports. They seemed to read my mind and blocked me every way. Plus now, I don't get a free second to even breathe, and also, I've been stationed right in front of our director and the CEO's niece, so I don't dare even if I had the time.

Oh well...

Anny Cook said...

Yep, companies are getting more vigilant about that kind of stuff. Where I used to work, they send all e-mail from outside to a central "dumping" area and someone's paid to decide if the e-mail is business or personal. Ick.

I'm with Barbara. Mervina no doubt has your tights as she's getting cold. Offer her a blanket in exchange.

Congrats on your new release, Barb! Very hot excerpt!

Kelly Kirch said...

I find you incredibly eloquent. 'nuff said? heh.

Katie Reus said...

Heh, hypothetically, *cough cough* I save everything to a flash disk and I occasionally do the email thing...depends how lazy I'm feeling ;) I'm glad I'm not the only person who does this at work!

Oh, and even though I'm not blessed w/ a week like you, my biatch of a boss is gone today and two days next week!

Sandra Cox said...

Good luck finding those tights.
IF I were to write a work. wink wink. I would carry a steno pad, no tracing info on the computer, BUT I like your plan. And if I were to write at work. wink.wink. I would incorporate it.

Regina Carlysle said...

Hugs to Barbara on the release. Great news. Another great book to read.

Amarinda, darlin', I'll be glad when that Nazi at work retires. Some people live to torment over trivialities! Ack. I hate that.

LynTaylor said...

Something tells me your next sighting of Mervina will be that of a Possum in tights LOL!