Sunday, 4 May 2008

Tights, eye rolls and how to look good naked…

Rhett Butler: You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he's going to jail.—Gone With The Wind

I got an excellent pissy comment from ‘anonymous’ in yesterday’s comments section – it was…

--Actually, only the Disney version of Peter Pan wears green tights. If you're not aware, Disney did not create him. Jeez.

How funny – I especially like the jeez bit. I bet Anonymous did the eye roll thing as well, because I personally feel a ‘jeez’ needs an eye roll to make it truly impressive. Any opinions on this? Can jeez be done with any other facial expression? Maybe none at all? What about a sneer? A leer? A beer? Anyway thanks for the laugh ‘Anonymous’ and please feel free to comment again or email me personally if I cause you such terrible angst now or in the future …oh and yes Petal, I am aware of the tights issue with Pete and I’m pleased to know you are too. Stay as sweet as I know you are.

So, why do people comment anonymously? It intrigues me. I absolutely believe people should be able to vent their spleen on things like the whole green tights issue. Please do. Vent away. Feel free to do so on my blog. However, if you are pissed off by what someone says why do you do it anonymously? I ask as I have never done anything anonymously in my life as I am prepared to face whatever the consequences of any of my actions are. Generally I find most ‘anonymous’ people on my blog leave their name – but then of course they are not pissed off about something like tights. So, I have to know – and maybe ‘anonymous’ if you are with us again today you can tell us why the huge ‘anonymous’ clan do not leave a name? Is it through some sort of fear? Of reprisal? Is it shyness? Is it a club thing and you are bound by some anonymous code of ethics? Do you know the person you are commenting on and therefore worried about what they will think of you? Or are you, as I suspect, a super spy under witness protection? Come on tell me – it fascinates me how people have opinions but will not back them up…so anonymous – tell us about being anonymous.

Every so often I write a book with parts of a foreign language in it. Why? Just because I can. The last couple published – Shades of Gray and Marlow’s Curse - had Latin in them for no other reason than I thought Latin would work. The current book I am writing has French in it because it fits the story. I discovered when I was doing the Latin thing a great translation site on the Internet. Type in words and they get translated for you. I did learn French in high school – did it for 4 years, over various high schools. I can read it okay but speak it? Ever heard an Aussie speak French? No? It’s very interesting. All the words are drawn out with a particular strine-like interpretation – sort of like Crocodile Dundee speaking French. I think all Aussies are excellent but we don’t speak French well. I discovered while traveling in France no one understands a bloodyFrench word you say. Generally we got understood more by hand gestures. Now that should be the international language. There are so many gestures that mean contempt, piss off, love, ‘are you kidding’ or ‘where is the bathroom now, s’il vous plait’

There is a show on TV next week with the delightful Carson called “How to Look Good Naked” – yes, it’s probably already been on in the US but we have our own Aussie TV to program first then we look at the outsider stuff. Anyway, the title makes me laugh. I’m sorry, well I’m not really, but I’m not one of those people who believes the human body is beautiful…it’s not…if you really think about it it’s weird. It’s like some Picasso-like being was given the commission to come up with the human body and voila! What the hell have you done Picasso-like being? What are all the wobbly bits about and why does that do that??? What? You say we can’t change it? Seriously? Well bugger, so we’re stuck with this? Okay, I guess we have to make do.

I was coming back from the Buddha Birthday festival – it was okay -not what I expected but as my friends and I discussed we all expected something more commercialized. Yes, we are harpies at heart. Anyway we did the Buddhist thing then went and ate pizza at Jo Jo’s in the city. Yes, from Zen to pepperoni – are we cultural or what? Anyway I was at Roma Street train station, waiting for the train – okay, well of course I was – not like I was there for the ambiance ‘cause there ain’t none unless travelers and crackheads are your thing – anyway, I slumped on a seat beside this woman and her two kids. About ten minutes later a man walked by with a couple of kids. He stopped dead in front of the woman and did the double-take thing like he was surprised. He was staring at the woman. She was looking away but I could tell she knew he was there. “Tammy…Tammy. Look at me damn it.” The woman and the writer in me was thinking ‘ooh, what’s going on here?’ “I know you can hear me Tammy,” he said. Well, we all could because he was pretty loud and right in front of her. I have to give her credit though as she had the ignoring thing down pat. Just when I thought ‘oh crap this is going to get ugly’ esp with the kids there and I was about to tell him to move on – Tammy’s partner/husband appeared and the other guy gave both of them the best disgusted look I have seen in a long time and walked off. Damn, I really wanted to know what that was all about and more importantly how I could use that in a book.

Well, that’s it for Sunday. I am older, wiser and full of pizza. Can life get any better? I believe so.

Want to see what rational people blog about? I can’t help you out there but go check
Anny and Kelly’s blogs anyway.

I’ll finish with another great line from Gone With The Wind – my favourite movie…

Rhett Butler: No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.

May you be kissed often by one with knowledge
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

May you be kissed often by one with knowledge... Now that's an excellent blessing! Enjoy your holiday!

Kelly Kirch said...

Stole my words, Anny! LOL. I was thinking the same thing. Can I be petulant and pouty while he does it, just like Scarlett?

barbara huffert said...

Jeez [shaking head with raised eyebrow frown] Say a thing like kissed often by one with knowledge, an excellent idea and yes please, but then you just stop without providing insight on how to go about finding said one to do the kissing.

Yes, How to Look Good Naked was on here already. I actually watched some of it. It's more about changing your perceptive than your physical shape and, to those with low self-esteem and no confidence, worth watching at least once.

Kelly Kirch said...

Sure she did, Barb. You just need Rhett Butler. Definitely not that Ashley wimp.

Katie Reus said...

I'm new to your blog, but was intrigued by your Peter Pan comment so I had to check out the previous one and couldn't help but chuckle. I'm not sure why someone would post anonymously, at least not about Peter Pan ;) I've never posted anon either, but I just post on reader/writer blogs I like anyway *shrugs*