Friday, 30 May 2008


Unbreakable…the contest

Unbreakable is released today at Ellora’s Cave. To go into the draw to win the Aussie stuff to the right, all you need to do is answer two simple questions. The answers can be found somewhere in the book or on this blog

Question 1: What subject does lecturer Dash Lomard teach?

Question 2: How old is India Blake?

Email the answers to Please put ‘Contest’ in the subject field of the email.

The first correct answer, drawn at random, to those two specific questions wins the Aussie gift set in the picture. And yes, the t-shirt comes in XXL – I checked. The contest closes at midnight (USA EST) on June 6th. The winner will announced on the blog after they have been contacted by email. Good luck.

What is Unbreakable about? I’m glad you asked…you didn’t? Well, just pretend you did. It’s about an older woman who finds herself falling in love with a man who is 13 years younger than her. How can that be? And what is she going to do about it? Well, I’m not telling you – you have to read the book.

I found this an interesting book to write for two reasons. The first is naturally age. I personally believe you who are you are regardless of the number of years you have been on the planet. Age means nothing to me. It’s like your shoe size – it’s just a number and you’re not defined by it. Having discussed this issue with my friends and acquaintances, I learned two things - firstly the ‘stigma’ of being a woman with someone younger no longer applied and secondly they all considered that woman to be incredibly lucky. Why? Because the idea of being loved for who you are, regardless of background, is liberating and sexy.

The other reason this book was interesting to write? The tattoo on the hero’s thigh, (among other interesting things he has on his body – and no, I’ll not telling you what they are or where. You’ll have to read it and find out.) The idea of a man with a tattoo on his thigh fascinated a lot of women. I knew a man with a similar tattoo but that’s another story….

Woo hoo! A severe weather warning has been announced for the weekend. Rain – yay! And severe winds – not yay – but hey, the rain is all that matters. We are unbelievably excited despite it being a weekend. Rain – who would have thunk it?

Unbreakable….click on the cover to buy…

The Blurb

India Blake is forty-three years old and in lust with her lecturer. She is well aware of the age difference between them. But a woman can look, wonder and dream.

Age is not an issue for Dash Lombard. He has had his eye on India since she joined his class. He knows the sexy red head isn’t the slightest bit interested in learning. But he has a thing or two he plans to teach her outside of the classroom.

The Excerpt

“I will do anything to pass this semester,” India announced in glib frustration to her fellow classmates as she dropped her books down on the table in a haphazard mess at the start of the evening tutorial. She was over the whole study thing and she was only two weeks into a twelve-week course. Who the hell had time? She had to attend college at night and work during the day at her office job. She looked at the people around her. Young smart, study nerds. She stuck out like a sore thumb. It was high school all over again. Only this time she was forty-three and high school had been a long, long time ago.

Why she had ever thought she could go back to school was beyond her. Initially India had some vague idea that she could easily pass this Ethics in the Workplace course her boss had enrolled her in at the local College. How hard could it be? She was forty-three, no longer the inattentive teenager she had once been at school, so passing a simple course and getting a promotion to become a level six manager did not seem like such a big deal. But it was. All the reasons why she had been an inattentive teenager at school came crashing back to her. School was boring.

India looked up as Dashiel Lombard—call me Dash—came into the room. Tall, dark with shoulder length brown hair and soulful brown eyes. He had the whole Heathcliff thing going on. And that voice. Oh boy! Deep, husky and sensuous. India could listen to him for hours. This man could make cricket scores sound sexy. He was sex on a stick and he was the main reason she had stuck out the first two weeks of this class. She was in lust with Dash Lombard. But India was not silly. She knew whatever fantasies she had of her lecturer were never going to come to fruition. She was like the rest of the horny women who sat and salivated over him. The chances of being fucked by him were limited but a girl could dream. Added to that the man had to be in his late twenties and it was not like he would be interested in a forty-three year old woman.

Yet India felt her heart beat a little faster when he looked at her. Dash was the kind of man who looked at each student individually as if making them feel important. Each time he looked at her, India felt a thrill shoot straight through her body and down to her pussy and she had to close her legs tightly to contain herself. But that did not stop her spending more time in class wondering what he looked liked naked, than paying attention to what he was trying to teach her. India loved his voice but it was the sound and not the content that had her fantasizing ripping off his clothes and sliding down on what she was sure would be a sublime cock if the interestingly large bulge in his jeans was anything to go by. How ethical was that? India had a feeling she could be the poster child for unethical behavior.

India shook herself mentally and dragged her eyes off the man’s jeans. She knew she should be listening to the content of her lecturer’s words and not trying to work out if he was wearing boxer shorts or going commando under that denim, or if his cock was semi-erect as she suspected. After that delightful interlude in the car park last night she was as horny as hell and she craved the strong, thrusting feel of a cock or cocks inside her once more.

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Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Hm, perhaps I should go back to school.

Yay for the rain...go dance in it naked!

Katie Reus said...

I'm a sucker for tattoos. The man just got another one on his chest :)

Great excerpt ;)

Molly Daniels said...

Finally the rain is heading your way! I can stop wheezing now...

Love the t-shirt!

Anny Cook said...

Yay! Finally! I've been waiting for this book forever!

And Yay you for the rain. I hope you get all you want! Please keep us up to date!

Yummmy tattoos....

Caffey said...

Hi Amarinda! Congrats on the release! I've only read a few with the older woman, younger man, and enjoyed them bunches! Other than them internally dealing with this, to me, love comes in all ages, and everything else.! What beautiful tatoos! I say one day I really want one!

I'm thrilled I could finally visit! And hope your weather isn't too bad this weekend. Its supposed to be rainy and stormy for us too on the east :(

Anika Hamilton said...

Congrats on the new release. Woo Hoo!

JacquƩline Roth said...

Yeah for the new release! The tatoo would do it for me too. I love a couple of well placed tattoos, not full body art, but something that isn't cliched or common is sexy. Especially on the thigh. Love the guy on the cover.

Unknown said...

I don't think age should matter, but I used to. Sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it.

Stay safe from the winds.

Regina Carlysle said...

Love the delish excerpt and many happy happy sales. Am buying it tomorrow and can't wait to read all about the tattoos. Congrats on the rain. You know how I love it too. Hope the winds don't keep you from wallowing in it.