Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Not so pukeable Wednesday....

Marlow's Curse - review

Vampires, demons, Archangels, witches; what a mix to throw into a pot. Add in some selfless love, misunderstandings, hard-headedness and various other emotions as well as mind-blowing sex and it's a recipe for an outstanding read. I found the book fast-paced, the characters realistic and well rounded, and the encore performance of both Asher and the intemperate Temperance refreshing.

I was up early, as always, damn internal clock, and I was exercising – puke, spew – and I was watching an interview with Peter O’Toole. Robbie Williams was also there. It was an interview based on hell raisers and bad boys. They made no apologies for their lives. They made mistakes and they moved on. That’s how we should be. Seeing Peter O’Toole reminded me of a 1960’s movie called “How to Steal a Million”. Yes, I know it’s an old movie and people seem to refuse acknowledging movies made before 1980. How sad is that? Think of all the excellent movies missed. But their loss. "How to Steal A Million," to me, is a one of the quintessential quirky, romantic comedies and Peter O’Toole played the dashing, crazy hero perfectly. Where have the real hell raisers gone? It seems to me we are all too worried about perception and political correctness….shame.

Kevin Rudd – Aussie Prime Minister – people believe he looks a bit like Tin Tin - has been in the news. Well, you’d expect that. But in fact if was due to Kev’s butler. The Opposition Party is upset that he has an assistant who helps him when he travels. Well duh. How is this a drama that can overshadow hospital waiting lists or the drought? The man travels the country and the world constantly on behalf of Australia. He’s not a backpacker who can roll his duds into his swag and move on is he? This so amuses me in the hypocrisy of it. Recently when he was in the US with his wife meeting George, so called Aussie fashion experts were all pissed off that his wife Therese wasn’t dressed fashionably enough to meet the folks in the US and why did she not have the help of an assistant? A – I think she looked perfectly fine and Aussie women do not feel the need to compete with others because we know who
we are as women. B – Its apparently okay for a woman to have an assistant but for a man to have one is wasteful. Seem to say to me that a man only needs a couple of suits in a suit bag, his socks and jocks rolled into his shoes and his razor while a woman needs so much more help to look presentable in the eyes of fashionistas, who frankly, to me, look like coat hangers with shrouds over them. Just my opinion of course. Let people look like they want to for god sake.


I got bitten on the back by a spider last week. Only a small one thankfully. It’s the price you may for having a lot of trees. Anyway it’s developed into this really itchy series of lumps. You know when you want to scratch but you know you can’t because you’ll make it worse so you do things like scratch around the area? I keep getting told ‘you’ll scar’. Please, what’s another one? Scars are proof of a life well lived or a least a reminder to watch for spiders going down your shirt. Anyway, it’s been a trying week. I’ve had to keep telling myself to stop scratching and only copious amounts of tea tree oil – fabulous for everything – has stopped me from ripping my skin apart. Some itches you scratch just get you in trouble don’t they?

A child killer died last night. She was a woman that watched as her mongrel husband raped a girl then they both tortured and killed her. Lower than pond scum. So she’s dead. Who cares? Not many people, me included. No, I don’t believe in forgiving and forgetting for crimes like this. She died without having the human dignity to let those who still suffered the loss of loved ones the knowledge of what she knew about them. Rot in hell I say.

Looooonnngg day at work. Ethel, best friend and I, probably made it worse because at the end of each email back and forth to each other we stated the time…"it's now 10:53am", "at the third hiccup it will be 11:06am", "fuck…is it only 11:13am??" Yes, you get the picture. We were slowly driving ourselves insane - not a difficult drive of course. I am a chronic clock watcher at work. My work day is divided by tea breaks and lunch and going home. I never look at the clock at home…funny about that. We also discussed our ongoing campaign to win money as we are both - quote - 'over work.' We buy tickets every week and are obsessed in winning money. Will having sudden wealth make us happy? Oh hell yes.

I foolishly did not buy petrol yesterday when everyone in Brisbane knows it's cheaper. I meant to but I got side tracked so I had to buy it today - on a Wednesday when only dimwits buy it as the price has shot up. Forehead slap. After filling up I wandered in to pay for it. The man behind the counter said, “You should have bought yesterday when it was 17c a litre cheaper.” Yes, I know. “Do you know what you would have saved?” No and don't tell me. He told me. I had to buy a chocolate to cope with the shock. I said why did he care as he got paid either way. “To educate people.” Thank you Mr Kotter.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Child killers/molesters should be taken out back and shot as soon as they're caught. Maybe a zero tolerance would make one of them change their minds about proceeding.

I count work time in quarter hours. It seems to go faster that way.

Sandra Cox said...

What is gas prices there now? We're at 3.99 in Statesville and that was yesterday.

Katie Reus said...

Ditto to what Barbara said. I think you mentioned this case in an earlier blog so hopefully the girl's family finally has some peace.

Congrats on your excellent review!

Molly Daniels said...

Child molesters should also be castrated. And then firing squad.

Great review:)

Anny Cook said...

Congratulations on the wonderful review. I loved Marlow's Curse. (Excellent cover, too...not as good as LMS, but what can I say?)

I'm with the rest of them. Hang the molesters immediately.

Be careful with that spider bite. They can be dangerous, especially on the back!

Some days are just incredibly slow.....

Regina Carlysle said...

Happy as can be about the child molester/murderer getting it. Sorry about the spider bite, hon. Be careful with it. Been to the doctor? Great review.