Thursday, 13 August 2009

Freedom of speech….

A dog was shot by idiots who were out hunting. Someone tried to help the dog by taking it to the Beltrami Humane Society. They could not help for all the reasons below. The dog died. The person was angry and vocal about the death and about what should have or could have been done. She wanted to blame someone. I understand that. It’s sad and it’s wrong about the dog’s death but those hunters are the real villains here.

The humane society’s point of view…

“Basically, we turned the shepherd away because we are only a shelter. We don't have a vet or vet tech on staff, nor do we have a vet on call. We are not a county or city run shelter, but are a non-profit no-kill shelter. We would not have been able to euthanize the dog if we had wanted to - we don't have the equipment. We run on donations and fundraisers. I informed X of another shelter 40-50 miles away that might be able to help…”

Email from Amy Chilson - Assistant Director, Beltrami Humane Society - posted with her permission.

My comment on a blog…

Amarinda Jones said... know, I'm sure there is another side to this story and I would like to hear it from the Humane society before I before I condemn them...August 5, 2009 2:45 PM

Yes, what a terrible comment I made about fairness. I have to wonder when someone attacks me, on a blog and in a personal email, after a simple comment, what is the motive behind such anger and defamation? There are two sides to every story and I refuse to be howled down because someone does not like that I made a comment and/or did not instantly agree with everyone else. Too bad. Freedom of speech is just that. Free to speak without fear. Countries are founded on those principles. I think we forget that sometimes.

I contacted the society as this angry person suggested. Most of the response is above. I say ‘most’ for I will not publicly name the person who is so pissed at me. Unlike her, I believe no one is all right or all wrong - the truth is somewhere in the middle - and that defamation has a legal and pursuable follow on. There are always two sides to a story and both should be heard before condemnation. Have an opinion by all means but don’t shout down or defame another if someone questions it or does not agree with you or needs more information to make a judgment.

It’s a terrible thing when any animal is shot and suffers. No one would disagree with that. Maybe instead of getting angry that animals cannot be saved – because not every animal will be saved - consider donating to your local humane society. Be proactive not reactive. Save what part of the world you can and accept what you can’t and move on without all the need to blame someone. And, as we are free to speak – we should all stop and remember others are too.
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Anny Cook said...

Excellent blog. Freedom of speech--the right to speak our opinion without fear.

Unknown said...

Yes, where would we be if we let others rule us through fear of not fitting in...or the thought that someone may not like us so we hold our tongues or blindly agree. It is just wrong