Sunday, 23 August 2009

Operation Tattoo…

…so I mentioned about a month or so ago I was going to do certain things to shake up my life. I was going to change all my furniture around in my house in a half arsed attempt to get the whole feng shui happening. I did that. I even painted my bedroom a bright pink that means I can never have a hangover again I’ll go blind because the colour is so violently pink.

I was – and still am – going to sleep with a vampire. They’re just real hard to find in Brisbane.

The other thing was to get a tattoo. I’m doing that this coming Friday. I have been trying to work out when I would have two hours spare for someone to draw on my upper thigh. None of us have time any more do we? So I thought – fuck it - just find the time. So I went in to the tattoo parlour this arvo and talked tattoo. I have noticed tattoo artists say ‘cool’ a lot. You say I want to do this and that and they say ‘cool’. So in this spirit of coolness I am getting a butterfly tatt on my upper right thigh. Visualize if you will, the blue butterfly above but mauve, the black lines are purple and mauve – and see the other picture (my jeans) – the lines more curled and longer. I like it. Will it change my life? Of course not. It’s just something I feel I have to do....because I can.


Anny Cook said...

It should be lovely!

Unknown said...

I just saw a question from you in my comments that I missed before so I'm finally going to fill you in. :)

"White Castles" is a really good hamburger. I typically don't like hamburgers, but this one is different.

It's mini and square - which of course doesn't affect the flavor. But they steam the bun so it's really soft. They add lots of soft (cooked) onions. And the burger itself is slim and has holes in the middle so it can steam better. It's a totally different flavor.

They have lots of restaurants (fast food joints) called "White Castle" that are white and built in the shape of a castle. It's like xerox or band aids or jello - the product has taken on the name of the brand. They usually only have them in big cities like New York and Cincinnati. None here in Ft. Lauderdale. :(

But now White Castles are sold in the freezer section. If you don't accidentally overcook them, they're still pretty good, but still not as good as getting them fresh.

There's a place called "Krystals" that look like White Castles but they put mustard on the burger and they don't steam the bun. I think they're gross.

There's a movie called "Kumar and (somebody) goes to White Castles". I've not seen it as it looks to be too silly for me, but it would show you what the place looks like.

Unknown said...

My daughter draws tattoos for other people upon request but she doesn't have any herself. Mainly dragons. (my family loves dragons)

I love butterflies. Take a picture and let us see when done please.

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh very cool. One of my IT buds is apprentising to be a tat artist.